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Anthro Goose Morph

You look upon a slim figure, an anthro domestic goose of coy beauty. She stands about 5 feet 2 inches, her neck is a little longer than average, having a slight curve to it that gives her throat a generous hollow. Her beak is a rough-hewn black, the angle of her head tilting it downard slightly. Her eyes sport soft, round irises of topaz blue, their understated stature adding to the shy look her beak's natural posture provides. Within her beak her tongue is multi-toned, primarily pink with patches of black, and shaped to fit snugly within her beak, creating a sensitive and strong wedge. Snow white feathers cover her body, the under-layer being made of luxuriously soft down feathers, while a cover layer of small body feathers gives her both a sleek look and an exquisitely soft feel, much like a pillow.
Interestingly, this bird is flightless, wings given way to bipedal arms and hands, not even a proper flight feather left. Feathers run down her arms to midway down her forearms, after which the white pillow of her feathers is taken over by soft and supple black avian scales. Her hands sport five digits apiece, each finger tipped with a thick, black fingernail culminating in a stubby claw. She carries the classic feminine figure, the soft roll of her breasts and chest narrowing through her waist and belly before her hips widen back out. A little past her knees, the goose's feathers finally end, the soft down turning into supple, black avian scales. The dark texture continues down her legs to her webbed feet, the biped structures built more for walking than swimming, though still capable of giving her a water-advantage. Her tail feathers are still there, stiffer than the rest and about a foot long over her rump.

Caraway is wearing a light blue t-shirt, with the words 'I fell from grace, and all I got was this Cream Cheese Bagel' written on the front, right underneath the picture of a bagel. It's tucked into a pair of tight fitting, stonewashed blue jeans, with a brown leather macrame belt around her waist.


This morph only comes in female varieties.
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Added: 8 years, 2 months ago
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