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Intellibird Morph

You look upon what appears to be a bird, a macaw, though Caraway is in actuality an animorph android. Caraway's length is 36 inches from head to tail tip, and his wingspan is 56 inches. He weighs about 4 pounds, but looks closer to 3.6 pounds. His beak is large, portraying the classic wide-snout grin of macaws, but contrary to real birds, his mouth is capable of producing saliva and his tongue is a wedge of muscle coming to a fine point. His eyes diverge from the avian norm, sporting reptile-like slits, and underneath each he has a multi-spectral sensor strip to enhance his binocular vision. From his rump comes several long tail feathers comprising between half and 2/3rds his total length, but he also sports just under those feathers a reptilian tail of equivalent length, coated in smooth skin. Caraway's feet are pretty standard for a bird, with long toes tipped with talons, and represent his primary grasping appendages aside from his beak.

Caraway sports the vibrant colors of a hyacinth macaw. His beak and feet are solid black to their tips, though around his eyes and in a strip to each side of his lower beak are splashes of strong yellow while his sensor strips are obelisk black. Caraway's tail is coated in small, black scales, each slightly matted to break up any sheen they might have, and each made to be soft and supple. his eyes are deep black slices within his topaz blue irises, and the feathers covering his body are a vivid, deep blue, though the undersides of Caraway's tail and wing feathers are black. Caraway's tongue is black, though a mottling of pink spots run down its center.

Character details: This morph is a synthetic creature, and AI driven animorph android built to be a toy. It has a squeaker, like a dog's toy, built into its neck, and can change sex across a multitude of different configurations. There's really way to much to this one to list here, and it's changing subtly all the time. PM me for details.
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Added: 8 years, 7 months ago
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