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Kitty needs to change...

Kitty needs to change

I am aware I have a problem....
One that is affecting the relationship with my ever-loving wolfy.

The problem is I'm a touch too social on the internet, and perhaps in the wrong way.

While Mixy has stated everything I have done on the net is fine, it is time for me to tone down on one aspect.
The RP's...

It is interferring with my time with him, and even upsetting both of us when he tries to get my attention while on the computer.

While he is fine with me RPing, I need to tone it down so that if he wants/needs me (or some other RL stuff comes up) I can just as easily go *poof* and either be offline or away in a heartbeat.
He in no way, shape, or form is making me do this.  He suggested it long AFTER I myself felt that it was becoming too much of an intereference with us (Me and him) and making me feel as though our relationship was begining to fail.]

This may be sad to some, but I will have to limit how much I RP and when.

Which leads to my boring day to day work on websites, which almost none of you care to hear about.
No matter how proud I may be of the work I have acheived.  Which makes me debate about shuttering all my websites and going offline forever.
TNSC's growth has been to slow and unpredictable, with a couple new users here and there that come once, submit something or create a profile, then never seeming to return.

While I have built TNSC for its stability, so that it would still be around when all the other sites fail, I may not wish to continue to keep it going if I cannot garner it enough attention to keep people coming back.
I have worked on it for over 10 years, and in the past 3 have been constantly changing it to attempt to appeal to more users to stay with TNSC - along with all the other sites they are a part of.
TNSC is the ONLY website that positively co-exists with the other sites and is more than happy to see users on multiple sites, but this could be our downfall.

A new recent change has been the new layout.  I am working to update the menu now to reflect the new file locations on new servers.
I also changed up TNSC Profiles to allow a user icon and profile picture, in hopes that users will come back.

However, I fear that I'm doomed to shutting it down due to noone actually using it, even for submitting stuff that is banned on all other sites - or even using it as a backup to the other sites.
For our fursuiter friends, that means all your fursuit pics and vids are allowed on TNSC - clean or naughty - and unlike any other site, there are no strict restrictions on those posts.
(Like the no more than 3 of any one particular suit rule I've seen about.)
We also have a Submission Transfer Service that would copy images and vids from any other gallery onto your own TNSC Galleries.

I will continue to work on TNSC for perhaps another year before making any final decisions on the site, just to see if we can garner a few new users and perhaps a few other Partner Sites.

However, as of right now - I am limiting my RP's and may not poke my nose out as often to say hi to my current buddies on IM.
I am not being anti-social, you can still IM me whenever you want - but I'm boring since all I tend to do is work on websites.

I am also debating on deleting my accounts on the following sites:
Furries Xtreme
The Rabbit Hole
WW (my old webcam that I no longer use)
and this list may continue to grow as I continue this debate.

I will still appreciate art and stay on many art sites.
I will continue to send favorites to my TNSC Profile.
I will still attempt to post one picture of myself or something at least once a week to TNSC.  (I won't post pics to many other sites since the majority of them are art sites that limit or ban any sort of photography - including nature shots which I can see more of and need a better camera to shoot with.)

I really hope my friends will understand that I need to focus on my family and my mate.  Therefore regardless of what I may do online, I need to make Mix my top priority.  He feels I am not doing so and therefore I am failing him as a mate.
I need to fix that ASAP, and am attempting to do so by taking these measures and while I won't RP as much - if at all - I will continue to work on TNSC and encourage my friends to check out all my work.

Please bear with me while I try to fix a problem I have, and need to fix...

If you are interested in seeing my work and checking out TNSC or Drako's Website services - my free web hosting and authoring service - feel free to let me know since the only link to TNSC will be in the Art Contest info below...


TNSC Art Contest - December 2011

The latest winner is:
Meowz vs. Simba and Nala - 0:3 (3 of 3) - https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=162238
by Meowz - https://inkbunny.net/Meowz

This Months Nomination Theme: Christmas
This Months Voting Theme: Magic - Characters performing magic (Idea by kairudos)

Nomination and Voting Deadline: January 1, 2012

Come Nominate art and Vote at tnsc.thrill.to
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