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Star Wars

I find myself in a quandary about The Old Republic game. On the one hand, I kind of want to test it out, see what it's about, and possibly play with a few family and friends who also have it. On the other...

...well, Star Wars is a very very old license. It's been around for over 30 years now and has had *quite* the storyline ride thanks to it's maniacal creator, Lucas, not knowing when enough is enough. Constant revisions to the classic series, changes that didn't need to be made, and stories/characters that are just...lackluster.

I know the incoming argument: the same *could* be said of WoW. However, I'm of the mindset that WoW hasn't worn it's welcome out yet and there's still more to ending this story. But I have this...thing about looking into the differences between Light and Dark side...and really, when you think about it, neither the Jedi (pushy bastards who eerily resemble fundamentalists) nor the Sith (loudmouthed and angry atheists) are entirely right. But those philosophical musings aside, let's take a peek at the TOR website's eight available characters (which, if I remember correctly, WoW started out with four races per side...interesting.)

Oh, one other thing. I admit fully that I'm probably about to be a total jackass/smartass. You've been warned because I'm feeling rather cynical right now.

So you wanna be the cannon fodder that can't aim? Sure, I guess. But it's kinda strange that they make the background characters who can't hit shit and are always just things for the good guys to plow through a playable class. Looks like a ranged class that has the ability to tank, which raises all kinds of weird questions.

Han Solo. No. Don't argue. It's Han goddamned Solo right down to the wookiee for a companion. He's not called Chewie, but he might as well be. You can even upgrade him into a Scoundrel. <sigh> I...I have no real words for this. Why? Because half the characters are Jedi/Sith and they can BLOCK FUCKING LASERS EASILY. At least, they're always depicted that way. In game not so much with is just kind of lame. Speaking of...

Jedi Knight-
Fling rocks, feel pretentious, swing lightsaber, CLUB enemies with it instead of cut them to ribbons. A reviewer I watch brought up a good point that if you kill an enemy with a saber, you should see some kind of critical damage. BioWare decided to not go that route for whatever reason and it just seems like the sabers are pathetic clubs instead of insta-kill swords. Game balance, yes yes, but still, that's kind of the overall problem. Aside, a DPS/Tank thing that could be called the Warrior class from WoW. Whoopdedoo.

Jedi Consular-
Supposedly the overpowered character on Light side right now, I'll believe it because they look like spellcasters and...well, that's pure DPS which avoids the hybrid tax. Though somehow, the word consular makes me think counselor and I just don't see these people being diplomatic about anything while flinging chunks of earth around. I don't buy why they're better than the Sith with them slinging spells with wild abandon.

Bounty Hunter-
Smuggler : Han Solo :: Bounty Hunter : Boba Fett. You can alter the appearance yes, but you know you're trying to be the one-off character that got WAY too much love from people. Guns Akimbo and all that jazz, supposedly this class can tank too and again, I find the idea of a pure ranged class tanking to be missing the point. <shrug>

Sith Warrior-
<yawn> I find this to be about as fear inspiring as a Gnome. Just doesn't really make me feel very afraid or whatever and the whole dual-wielding lightsabers thing seems just there for the fans and nothing else. I CAN HAZ COOL PUREZE? Warsies. Sheesh.

Imperial Agent-
Uh...okay? I guess they needed something to offset the trooper, but again, I see this and I think dudes in tight little black outfits speaking with mysterious Englishe accents trying to suck up to a Sith. Not really fear-inspiring or especially DARK so much as just...well, there.

Sith Inquisitor-
C'mon, they're not even trying now. When the character looks like, wields the same weapon as, and seethes like Dauth Maul, it's goddamned Darth Maul. The OP'd class for the Darklings, I'd believe that. Either spell caster or dual-blade lightsaber Maulsies. Take yer pick and go be pissy and emo.

So yeah. I know I just bitched and everything. But you'll notice, this isn't an OverCrit nor is it an official review. This is off the record, off the cuff, and just my opinion without the whole thing being wrapped in double parenthesis. The whole damned game feels like pandering to an audience that is just...insatiable to be the coolest that THEY can be and damned be anyone else who plays the game.

According to a friend, take the names away and the story and it's pretty much WoW without auto-damage. My sister would probably scream at me for hours if I said that to her (she's a warsie and a stormtrooper cosplayer) but honestly, you have to be honest about it. Make your excuses, make your pleas, make whatever.

I fully well acknowledge that WoW isn't perfect either. Not by a long shot. But I find it much more original and refreshing than wanting to be a bubble-hearthing Jedi. I find that TOR seems to just push the concepts that made Star Wars what it is (lightsabers = instant death & shot blocking, stormtroopers = cannon fodder, imperials = bootlickers, smugglers = fratboy jerkoffs, bounty hunters = Mary-sued dickbags, etc) into a corner and make a game that is functional, but not true to what we grew up with.

What did I grow up with? Starfighter battles, a small team of characters doing silly heroics, a tarzan yelling wookiee, and not a whole lot of Jedi. Then the prequel came and established Jedi as severe asskickers incapable of being hit by a laser shot from anyone but the VERY best.

TOR just...doesn't wanna do that because if it did...well, who would play the cannon fodder class? WoW has a balance to it that all of the classes are equally good in their own right and TOR just looks...

Bah, I'm ranting and I'm trying to avoid that. This journal was pointless, remember. Just putting a thought to paper not expecting anyone to listen or pay mind on Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays!
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
The hate is strong with this one...
Ha i had to say it. XD
7 years, 3 months ago
I don't hate this game...just can't take it as seriously as it seems the fans of it want me to take it. Skyrim was much the same, but I don't have any particular beef against Skyrim. This, however, really does seem like...pandering.
7 years, 3 months ago
heh. there goes my lil playful joking jab at ya.
But yes i get the fact that the game has fairly standard units in all classes based on characters the fans obsessed over. But thats kinda how it HAS to be. People want to play to be Han solo and Boba Fett. and they had to tone down the all mighty power of the lightsaber. Lets face it. If it was the same as their universe states.. No one would NOT be a jedi or sith.
Heck if i could afford it i'd be a bobafett clone.I saw the player "previews" done on youtube. and i like how the bounty hunter played.

And yeah. Blind fangasm view will always be a bit  over zelous. Cant be helped
7 years, 3 months ago
You and Alfie are the most wowaddicted guys I know, and TOR is the closest to WoW of any game I've played. All your arguments are valid, though I'll take a moment to point out that there are no games where bows or guns are represented accurately as the one shot kill devices they truly are. Nobody in real life ever 'kited'. If you can't take a guy out with your ranged weapon before he closes, you switch to a melee weapon. If we can accept that, we can accept light sabers getting into sword fights with non-light sabers. The sword fight animations are pretty awesome, and they actually animate blocks and things, so your weapon makes contact instead of just being a regular animation.

The main improvement over WoW is that instead of quest text you get voiced cutscenes with dialog options. I played the Consular in the beta 'cause that's the kind of guy I liked to play in the Old Republic games before. Bioware has always been about making the most of dialog trees. But the story in TOR didn't really catch me, and I was tired of WoW style gameplay a long time ago. You and Alfie still love WoW style gameplay so maybe this game will catch you?

You can only find out if you give it a shot. At any rate it's better than Rift.
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