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What's the big rush to go nowhere? (minor rant) :p

Why is it that whenever there are cars that are stopped at a red light the drivers feel as though they need to constantly inch up more and more until the light changes? They won't even speed off or anything after the light changes. It just seems really stupid to me. I've people trying to crossth streets get taped by cars that feels as though getting those extra 2 inches will mean something. Hell why even stop at the light in the fuggin first place if there so anxious to get where thy got to go so bad?

Why complain about such a silly thing? I donno, just a personal peeve and maybe I just felt lik randomly bitching about something. :p
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Added: 7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
I try to slow down before red lights to keep my car from going into park/neutral gear, but I do usually take off when it turns green. x3 And I don't come to a complete stop and THEN inch up more unless it looks like the guy in front pulled up enough for some douche to try to cut in front of me. It bugs me too and I've asked one or two people that do it; one of them said that some of the red lights are based on a weight sensor and he didn't think the light would change unless his front wheels were perfectly on it or some crap. I've proven that theory wrong. What bugs me even more than the people who are always inching forward, though, are the people who think the thick white line at a stop sign or traffic light is for then to stop ON instead of before; these are usually the same people who sit on top of the crosswalk at a light because they have it confused for that line (which is not surprisingly BEFORE the crosswalk). It's common knowledge that the first white line is for cars at stop signals to stop BEFORE. It's just a dick move in my opinion to go past it, as it usually makes other traffic and pedestrians have to go around at times they should have right of way. </rant> (I also drive between 5 and 7am to work morning shifts with more coffee than actual sleep, blasting my music loud enough for other cars to hear it. x3 )
7 years, 1 month ago
Loud music playing wouldn't bother me. I'm used to that sort of thing anyway. Though plenty of people don't know and don't really care to know about traffic laws and have little respect for there fellow pedestrian man and the general sense to take caution to avoid an accident. When one does happen they have to grounds to justify or what was done or why because there would be no reason for it. Causing damages for something that would have been entirely avoidable, but I suppose asking people to be careful would be too much to ask for.
7 years, 1 month ago
my fuckin god that shit is just so damn annoying your sittin there at a red light an ppl behind you continue to inch up on your ass an its like ...its fucking red why the hell are you doin that Stop it NO quit it damnit its not fuckin green an next thing you know there only an inch off your bumper an when the light turns green they either ride your ass till you move or never moves after it turns green i usally stay a car length away from a car in front of me or least half cause i don't like being on ppl's bumpers it annoys me when they do it to me so why should i do it an honestly i think what makes me madder is when they cuss at you when your followin the law an actually stay a certain length an yet they gotta bitch cause you should be up in someones ass...honestly ppl are fuckin pricks on the road =-= there are good drivers an dick drivers good ones will help others an make sure ppl drive safer an the dicks don't give a shit an force you into another lane or cause an accident then try an blame you an its like...YOUR FUCKIN KIDDIN ME!!
your not alone hun trust me =,= *huggles*
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