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WARNING: rant eminante

Okay i was just talking about this and i swear it just pisses me off. What is this your asking well ill tell you; its religion. now hang with me here for a secomd while i try to explain.

for millions of years people have fought, argued, and even killed because of religion and this is what im truly talking about. now first off id like to say that im talking aout the mono religions mainly christianity. many people beleive that god is almighty and perfect and that is just compleate bullshit. how do i know? well thats ust the thing, i just don't know exactly _how_ i know i just do. call me a speaker to god or a profet or whatever the hell you whant to call me (even if that is a compleate duchbag and asshole) im just telling you what i know and feel and beleive. its like a gut feeling that i get that tells me wheate im right or wrong and i can tell you right now that it is telling me i am right.

First off god aint perfect, i friend once told me that gd aint all poerfull and i asked him why he said "if god was all powerfull then can he create a boulder that even _he_ cant lift?" now im sure the answer to that for most of you is "why would he even need to, we must relaie on faith" now if you ask me id say that only the mot greatest person can admit that even they cant do everything and they themselves have a weakness. the thing is though that its thoughs that can admit to that and overcome it that are the best in my book.

Next thng is that even god can make mistakes. it is said that god made us in his image (now personally youd have to wonder that if thats true then god eather is i hermaproite or a very strange looking person) so if thats true then dosnt that mean that he himself is like us. he has his good times and his bad time, like the yin and yand symbole represents even the goodest person hasa tiny amount of evil in them. god has made pleanty of mistakes and has goten angry plenty of times. i think that the first biggest mistake he has ever made was not truly looing at the fullness of his creations. what i mean is that since he gave us free will he didnt understand what that ment. we can mke our own choices, also he gave us curiosity and so he should have known that eve would have pluced that apple from the tree of knowlege and he should have known that she would have taken a bite. the sad thing is that he probably did know but thought that his creations were so good that they couldnt possibly go aginst his will and thats the stupi part im mean come on its not called fre will for nothin you know.

but our mistake is probably when we thoght that just becaue jesus said that he died for our sins doesnt mean his dad was okay with it. i mean think about it if you were his son and you saw him being killed would you really not be pissed. a lot of people keep teling me tat god sent jesus down to die for our sins and that just makes me thing WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE thinking  i mean really what kind of father would send is own son down just to die for our sins so we could go to heaven when we die. if not then im sure he would be pissed when he saw us just go back to being the way we were.

nowim sure your probably pissed at all of these thing i have said but for his saick just stop and think for one secondabout all of this before you try and defend your religion. and on that note think about his biggest rule thou shall not kill well w e have been doing just that and i dont fcing care if some people say that oh were just killing for im. fuck that im sure that even he is pissed when we kill in his name.
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