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Nationwide Marijuana Decriminalization 2030

Nationwide Marijuana Decriminalization 2030
(FievelJ) for president. When he's 60.
What do you, brother and sister furs think, is a nationwide Decriminalization sound like a good idea?
It would work like this.

1/4 - 50$
1/2 - 100$
3/4 - 150$
1 - 200$
1 1/4 - 250$
1 1/2 - 300$
1 3/4 - 350$
2 - 400$ (And a year in prison... possible parole? That thing where you can get out of the actual jail time, as long as you see your ahh. My brain aint working for that just now. I guess, never being arrested for anything large does that.)
Pretty much, anything over 2 Ounces is considered intent to deliver.
4 ounces doesn't constitute to two offences. It's just plain anything over 2 anytime a person is caught with it.
Whether that's 2 ounces, or 20 pounds. It's still a year. Now that doesn't mean all of the fines don't have to be charged for the amounts.
That can be decided by a judge.
Everything can be weakened depending on Criminal Record.
Pretty much the plan is to get cops wanting to bust people for other things.
Making Pot a nationwide misdemeanor crime, and taking away the Criminal offense part of it.
Over 8 decades I believe already, and what has changed?
A 20% margin or so... while there's more deaths from alcohol and other drugs.
That also includes 1,000s who have died trying legal alternatives to the real thing, Marijuana.
1,000s. Something seems wrong there.


Thanks Very Much For Reading.

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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
Legalize! Legalize! Legalize!

Just so it can be controlled so people will know what they're buying. And keep a ban only on driving and operating machinery while stoned, just like you have with booze and meds.
7 years, 3 months ago
Medical? (Legal) and of course... it's not much different then Alcohol. It can be fun to work stoned... but depending on the job... it can also be dangerous
dstrausser70: but is it a bad enough drug for the stature it's under?
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Just Imported It From Yahoo Messenger.

It's the truth though, it should be a responsibility thing. (1,000 Ways To Die.) Eeeeeee and LOL grossly.
If you are gonna get stoned, stay away from *Anything* which could be dangerous.
7 years, 3 months ago
This whole war on drugs is such a big joke that the entire world is laughing at us for wasting money on a war that can never be won.......as long as reality is so painful and stresfull(as it is with the economy and lack of jobs) there will always be people who use drugs to escape reality
7 years, 3 months ago
Hundred Thousands
And Now Billions.
It's been like 80 years since Marijuana has been placed into the Illegal list in this country, and it's really starting to look like a joke.
60 - 70 billion dollars. I split that into 20,000,000 Americans, and it splits into like 240 per month, stimulus if they would use it for that instead. Could easily give even more Americans a check of 700 or 800 $ every once a year, to help get things running a little more closer to normal.
Cut some more None Essential programs, and the Government could afford to give stimulus checks to a very large number of Americans. If there are less then 20,000,000 living off of the system, because of being that poor... that extra 240 would help them considerably.
It would only take a single other none essential expense and the checks could be guaranteed to a good 20,000,000 Americans.
Shed all but 5 Billion from the drug program, because when it comes down to it, that is probably all the more the Hard Drug part actually costs. Why spend 65 Billion trying to make people not smoke pot? It just doesn't make sense.

Yes, after shedding a bunch of none essential government programs, I would give already overly paid politicians raises, to shut up is mostly why. And of course, to be a team-player.
That's one of them things I hate about Politics, that and I can not think about ethics, and work on ways of being a team-player.
I can not think about how fair it is to try to press for decriminalization, that's how things work.
I have to find Republican reasons it's not going to be what I am, a conservative republican. I do not find spending 70 billion to be very conservative.
Staying with feeding the companies, and corporate America, not legalizing helps the assholes who stay rich, keeping it illegal.
Hate it... but that is also a part of being a Team-playa.

Kind Huggles.... And Stay Stoned, Smoke It If You Got It. :D
7 years, 3 months ago
The only reason it is still not legal or compleatly decriminalized is because it would cut into the profits of Oil companies,Pharmacutical companies,Paper compinies and Plastic companies.

XD would if i did....wish i really did have magical potleaf wings that grow back whenever plucked....i would have enough weed to keep me from getting depressed as i am now
7 years, 3 months ago
" The only reason it is still not legal or compleatly decriminalized is because it would cut into the profits of Oil companies,Pharmacutical companies,Paper compinies and Plastic companies.

actually for all the above reasons, is why I am only thinking in the way of a very constrained decriminalization.
the paper companies are starting to get fucked anyways, as people try harder and harder to go less and less new paper.
as people press for a greener planet, they are losing.
some paper is what, less then 1 cent? when you buy it in bulk, a lot of it is super cheep.
the laws i would be pushing, doesn't follow that people can just make things outa it, causing a loss for those companies.
I also am not pressing for Medical, though a lot would prefer if I would.
it's a shame we can't just live in like; 2100 or so. My guess is by then, they'll have 0 need for a lot of stuff, as they legalize by then.
so my plan would include corporate America, so that they don't lose out either.
Fines. get caught, pay a fine. It's better then a full Criminal Record for just a little pot. xD


I Hate Politics!
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