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TOO MANY UPDATES!!!!! *splode*

OKAY! So! I have quite a few updates to make here, and as such, I will be breaking them up into numerous parts. So bear with me and pay attention to whatever it is you want to.


As you all know, I have two stories going on right now. The first is The Adventures of Colin and Kyle (Which I will eventually come up with a better name for >.> <.<). I'm still working on the next chapter. The ending just hasn't come to me yet, so I haven't been able to post it up. Once an awesome ending (Cliffhanger or not) comes to me, I will definitely write it up and post it for you guys to read. Sorry that it's been taking me so long.

As for the other, My Little Brony, I updated it quite soon after I initially posted it. I'm currently in a My Little Pony obsession state right now, so you'll probably see more of it! AND LOOK! http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd26/animejason/Dou... DOUBLE FRONTPAGE! Yes, I squee'd at this and had to show it to the world (Or all you stalkers... That works too). Anyway.... Ideas are popping into my head for Episode 3, but it might be a little bit before I do that. So stay tuned!



So my artwork is pretty much the same. Due to the virus that hit my computer a little while ago, I now have to reinstall everything for my tablet (Not that I did much with it anyway.) Furthermore, as I'm sure you've all been seeing, I've been commissioning images of Farkinarkle as well as with my new boyfriend (The one who corrupted me to join the herd). I will probably commission more so Farkinarkle can gain plenty new forms. If ever you want to join with Farkinarkle in a lovely picture (Adult themed or otherwise), just let me know. I'll gladly join in any commission.

Currently, I am going to be working on redrawing all of the mane ponies from MLP that can be seen in my "Because... Ponies" Picture, but individually and COLORED! I've already done Fluttershy, but that was as a gift to the aforementioned boyfriend who's favorite character is Fluttershy. He said he'll scan it in and upload it to his FA where I'll be able to snag it and post it up here for you to see. (By the way, he is a writer too, so if you want to check out some of his stories, head to Orynth .) Next on my list will be.... I'm not sure, actually. I'm thinking maybe Rarity... But we'll see. As always, if ever you want me to try my hand at drawing your character, let me know. I can really only do my "Pseudo-Tracing" right now, but eventually I'll be able to draw in other ways.



Well as has been said a couple different times, I did get a new boyfriend. He is a furry as well and a brony. You can see him as the red dragon, Ven'dle, in my "Filling me up" and "Returning the favor" commissioned images. He's given me great happiness and I hope that it will last longer.

In regards to the MasterChef competition that I spoke of previously, I sent in my video submission today! Now its a matter of waiting and seeing what happens. If I hear back, I will certainly inform all of you. If not, oh well. At least I gave it a shot. Not much else going on in life though... Christmas is coming up and I'm a Cashier working retail. It's BUSY at work all day long. So I'm usually pretty tired.


Well I think that about sums it up for me. Farkinarkle now has a Wolf, a Badger, a Panda Bear, and a Red Dragon form. A mouse form is going to come eventually as he has appeared in several of my roleplays with Ven'dle. Other then that, I'm still looking for some stuff to do. So as I said before, if you want to be in a commissioned image with Farkinarkle, let me know. You won't have to pay anything. I'll just need a good picture and/or description of your character, depending on what you have.

OH! I FORGOT! Apparently I've been on Inkbunny for a year now. I had no idea. During that time, I've gained 54 watchers, 53 favorites to my works, 90 comments, and 2242 Page views. While to some that isn't much, it's quite enough for me. I am very happy to know that there are people out there who think that what I do is good enough to watch me. Hopefully I will not disappoint you. Thanks to all of you for watching. I really do appreciate it! ^_^
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