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Pornfolio Feedback

Okay, so I'm still fairly new to this whole "porn" idea (because I grew up an actually good Baptist girl, believe it or not). So I'm still kinda like "so people find pictures... and they do their bizness... and they sometimes pay for them? so people get off on this? Huh."

Which is why I was surprised that people actually get off to orgies. Yes I KNOW it makes sense cause it's like a massive porn fest all on one page, but... gah. I just hadn't thought about it.

So, knowing that people A: pay for good porn (cause I have looked up porn and it isn't always easy to find something good); B: like the porn I draw; and C: tend to keep or download whatever hits the right spot, I have mused in the semi-quiet of my brain about drawing a portfolio and selling it. A pornfolio? A bunch of exclusive naughty pictures. You know what I mean.

So tell me your thoughts on this. Is it something you'd be interested in? Preferred content? Price range? Number of pictures for the price? Feedback people!

If you're not into porn or not old enough to own porn or porn goes against your morals or whatever would keep you from giving me something helpful as an answer, just move along. Also why on earth are you on Inkbunny. Have you even seen the front page? Ever?

Also: I'm still taking reservations for my Holiday Orgy and you should totally get in on that.
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
I'd love to see you do one personally, your artwork is good and I'd be sure to be one of you're buyer for it. It's not everyones things and some will end up sharing it in the end and posting it on sites that give away pay content from sites like Hardblush and Clubsstripes.
7 years, 2 months ago
I suppose the pictures getting reposted somewhere is inevitable, though that seems like something that would happen to a more prominent artist.
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