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Sony Walkman Get / Wish us the best...we need it.

And it's AWESOME. Such an awesome system. The Sony Walkman 8GB.  Its...beautiful! More on that soon.

Getting there...was a tad of a hassle and a half. x.x Let's just say, as much as I already love it, I didn't get to walk back home with my head held high.  Since it was a bit of a rush wake up call, I was pretty tired getting up, kept holding it off and stuff. But...after a few, I heard Kaleigh's voice and it wasn't as calm as it usually was. She woke me up, crying, telling me that her grandfather was most likely not going to make it through the day. Which would pretty much put a damper on anybody's day.

So, we decided to walk, not bad, it was only 15 minutes and the weather wasn't all bad, good to clear the dark cloud from her head, and by extension, my own, due to well, that empathy I have where if someone feels like crap, I ended up feeling it too. Then it got worse.

By the time we got there, it was pretty fun and I had my mind dead-set on one thing. Getting an 8 Gig something. And that's when I targetted that and HAD to have it. I knew I had at LEAST 90 bucks on my card at the time. The walkman was 130. And another 25 for the warranty they offered and knowing my track record (9 times in 2 years I had to return my Sanza MP3 players), and Kaleigh was gonna pay the dividend, which would've been fine. Then I tell them to take 90 from my card, and we were gonna just do it. But no, my card was rejected. And I was confused and kinda mad. So...she offered to pay the rest of it. And was subsequently pissed off as hell, and she let me know. The guilt I felt before she even opened her mouth was pretty bad but, the stuff she said didn't help. I didn't get mad at her though, she's having a rough-as-hell day as it is, since she really does love her grandfather.

Then we go, and I'm rather annoyed that I couldn't pay, and offered to give her all that was left in my account. I get to an ATM...and I have 89.58. Yeah, a few freakin' cents short of being able to do it right. So I did withdraw 80 and gave it to her and she chilled out a bit, and in turn, so did I. Still though, that window of 2 hours was just...bwaaah.

But at least I got it now, and it is good. Comes with a wireless bluetooth pair of ear buds...unfortunately my ear canal is too small to truly enjoy them...won't stop me from trying to enjoy them when I can though. It's more organized, it actually has buttons (I'm not fond of touch-pad MP3 players at all) so, all in all, worthwhile buy.

I'm definitely gonna need it for the days to come. It's gonna be hard, she's going to be grieving bad, wish her, and her family the best as I am. We think her grandfather's not going to last too much longer at all. Thank you guys in your support, and wish us luck.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
-hugs tightly- i`ll wish you both luck big brother... and i`ll always try an support you guys in any way i can
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