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Ignorance in Scientific Reasoning

-This is a collection of thoughts that kept running through my mind back in November of 2010.  I question the reasoning most scientists use in discerning what is natural and what is supernatural.  In my opinion, scientists are being selective in making decisions without giving thought to what is actually happening.  I organized my thoughts on the topic into the short essay below.-

Science seeks to analyze and explain the natural word and its phenomena.  It cannot analyze and explain supernatural phenomena.  With this in mind, people of modern civilized nations around the world (mostly Western European and North American countries) have begun to depend on science to provide answers for life’s questions.  But since science is limited in what it can analyze it cannot answer all things.  Inevitably, science has provided answers to many questions ranging from topics of biology, geology, and physics, but for some things like the questions of the existence of gods, spirits, and E.S.P. (extra sensory perception) science has failed to make adequate attempts at reasoning why such things are not possible or do not exist.  While these unanswered questions are deemed to be of supernatural origin, there is no clear line of distinction between the natural and the supernatural.

Take gravity as an example.  Science claims it to be a natural force of physics yet it is not something we can actually see, smell, hear, or taste; only feel.  Science bases its claims for the existence of gravity on simply the fact that we feel a downward force on our body and can witness the effects of this downward force on ourselves and other objects.  With this method of reasoning in mind, let’s examine something science deems as supernatural; life force.  Whether it’s called prana, chi, or something else, life force is something that is highly debated to exist.  To science, it is something that cannot be analyzed and therefore supernatural.  Yet there exist a multitude of situations that life force is said to be the root cause of.  People who can control life force are said to be able to perform such feats as controlling the body’s natural reactions to pain and damage (turning off neurological pain receptors and controlling the body’s natural regenerative ability), as well as temperature (maintaining internal core temperature in extreme situations of hot and cold).  These examples of bodily control are able to, and have been, analyzed by science.  Scientists have noted that these feats do occur but have yet to provide a reason for how they occur.  According to science, such feats as stopping the flow of blood to an open wound, being able to shove a blade through a section of the body and not feel or react to pain, or remain at normal body temperature while nude in an environment of -100 Fahrenheit should be impossible.

Such astounding feats as these are said to be the result of active meditation to improve the flow of energy through what Hindus and Buddhists call Chakra points.  These Chakra points exist along a vast network of channels (similar to veins and nerves) known as the nadis, of which there are said to be 72,000 of (some ancient scriptures suggest 80,000, 200,000, or 300,000).  Each nadi can affect the human body in a unique way.  Some of these effects can be beneficial while others can be detrimental.  It is the Hindu belief that prana (life force) flows through the nadis and through meditation you can channel prana through the nadis and the chakras.  This concept of meditation is also present in Buddhism where the belief is held that allowing this energy to flow through the chakras will unlock dormant abilities to the mediator.  These abilities are said to surpass normal expectations and limitations of human beings.

If people actively meditating are gaining these supernatural abilities, than would that not be evidence of the existence of life force or something like it?  After all, there is no more evidence to support the existence of life force than there is for gravity; both are things that cannot be seen but the effects of such can be witnessed.

{Other subjects, related to life force, that deserve attention for study are: Yoga, Chi based martial arts like Tai Chi and Chi Kung, Feng Shui, and Acupuncture.}
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