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Rev 34 and the Fixtacular week

Just a bunch of fixes this week! And one optimisation. Nothing too exciting, unless bug squashing is your kink.

I noticed this is the update to revision 34. I now declare this "34 week". You know what you must do!

Changes this week

* Fixed: A bug in the banner changer code meant it wouldn't stay in “Random” mode once you click the “R” on the banner changer and then reload the page.

* Fixed: Using the Search page to find a keyword and then clicking “Sort by Sales” would cause an error due to an SQL oopsie.

* Fixed:  A bug was allowing Guest users to add people to the ban list for the Guest account. This had no actual effect on the site, but was fixed anyway. As Guests can't post content, no one can comment on items owned by Guest anyway, so ban entries on the Guest account do nothing.

* Fixed: The Upload Wizard behaved oddly if the “Character sheet” type was chosen, sometimes taking users to a broken link after they finished adding submission details or assigning Pools.

* Fixed: Some system messages on submissions like “This image is big enough for print” and “No Sales Options chosen” were showing to all users, not just the submission owner.

* Fixed: The background would fail to load on screens larger than 2560x1600 due to a bug in the screen size detection.

* Optimised: We no longer use Apache .htaccess files to define some directory-specific settings. This means faster load times and better security (as we now don't allow directory-level overrides).

Have fun!

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Added: 12 years ago
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12 years ago
I know what I must do!  Cause a thirty-fifth revision to be necessary because that is divisible by five, which is a very easy-going mathematical factor.
12 years ago
We should turn the whole site bright pink for the Prime Numbers!
12 years ago
12 years ago
No change in how scraps are displayed? :/
12 years ago
Oh nice fixes.
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