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Xam'd: The Lost Memories

Sicne I'm on an anime kick, I'm taking suggestions as to wat to watch. And since I have access to Netflix...

The last series I finished was Xam'd: Lost Memories.

Style-wise it was like GAINAX meets Studio Ghibli. It is aeronautical, mecha, and romantic all in the same show. It's complex as it deals with soul searching, yeat easily appriciated because of the universal themes.

Set on an Earth-like world, a cult has been creating creatures called Xam'd to fight against a comming darkness. All the while, two armies are fighting for control of resources and using Xam'd-like creature called Human-forms to inflict heavy casualties. The biggest porblem with the Human-forms is that they possess in thier core, a living person, who has been warped by science to become a bio-mecha.

The main character Akiyuki and his friends Haru and Furuichi live on a peaceful island between the North and South factions. One day a white haired child boards their bus to school and sets off an explosion, causing Akiyuki to be the host of a Haruko spirit, thus making him a Xam'd. This sent off a chain of events where the North and South governments engage in warfare after a 16 year truce. In a battle in his home town of Senten Island, Akiyuki fights against a human-form but nearly dies as the haruko inside of him becomes unstable. He is saved by a girl named Nakiyami and is taken to live and work on a postal airship called the Zebani. In his absence, his friends, now listless and without any direction (the school was destroyed in the initial battle with the first human-form) join the Senten Island's fighting force.

It's a short series, so nothing as epic as say InuYasha. ANd that might be it's only downfall. While the characters were somewhat fleshed out, the majority of the postal workers on the Zebani were somewhat two-dimensional and seemed extraneous to the larger story. The series seemed to me, lacking in backstory. For example, what caused Akiyuki's parents to have a seperation? Where do the white-haired children come from? What caused the war that happened before Akiyuki was born? Why does Commander Kakisu hate his mother so much? How did Hinokimaru's father die and why does he look like Raigyo? What exactly was the secret of the Zebani and who was Captian Ishuu answering to? Did Raigyo have something going on with both Ishuu and Yunbo? Who controls the postal service?

I find myself wanting to be filled in on the littel things. And I find myself terribly disappointed with the fact that Wikipedia's chronicle of the characters in this anime is SORELY lacking.

I enjoyed this series though. It was engaging, yet not an epic.

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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
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