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help me pleas and upday on my art scheduel

OK so i want to start a commissions along with donation pool.
Problem 1:
I don't have a PayPal and i don't know anyone who will help me. (other than those who will help me in this journal)
Problem 2:
My parents still control my bank account (and I'm 19)
Problem 3:
I don't know what to do (this is why I'm writing this part of the journal)

So if anyone knows how to use PayPal please let me know. I really want to open up commissions
My reason. A new high quality laptop that can play games and use other simple programs with our crashing losing all my data AND giving me the blue screen of death D=<. BUT i don't know if my dad is going to help me at or or let me leak stuff from MY college funds (aka graduation money from family members)

About the reason for donations.

I will be doing a comic of which the name is to be later chosen (it might be called "Stalls". Its going to be centered around a Border Collie in college who sets up a sign in a bathroom stall inviting all who will to join him in his dorm for a bit of fun. Its going to be an all male comic with sexual themes such as domination, possibly double penetration, and non-consensual (he gets taken by someone whom he doesn't like.)

Without the donations the comic will NOT be posted online. So please help me find out how to get a PayPal and no i will not accept money by mail, i don't want to trust the mail system with money, checks or anything like that.

Now for the update on my art status.
It turns out my tablet comes 5 days AFTER the order is placed. So it will come sometime this week and I will most likely get it this weekend. So my art on computer will be delayed for a bit.
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
Oh wow that sounds like a whole bunch for you to deal with friend.. ^^;
Hm... well, i do not have a paypal myself.. but i would love to help-- i do not have one for another reason.. but um-- well first of all.. you'd need a credit or debit card number to go by to enter in-- a friend who has used hers for years told me thats the first step to getting a paypal account is that-- and i have neither..^^;

the donation comic sounds great too..^^

but i am glad you tablet is coming in soon.. and i hope you are doing okay as well friend-- its been a while..
7 years, 6 months ago
Yea, i have a debit card but i dont know if i can use my account since its shared with my mom, like she can put money into it but cant take it out something like that XP

and i cant wait for my new tablet =DD
7 years, 6 months ago
I see.. *hugs* Yeah aww i see um.. well Mortian heree seems to know alot more than i would ever to be able to help with..^^;
I wish i could've been more help.. ;w;-- but anyways.. I know that you'll get a Pay-pal or other method up and running..^^ before you know it.. It'll be great.. *huggles you* I believe it friend.. ;D

and yeah-- it'll be very great when you get your new one yes.. :3
7 years, 6 months ago
Ok, for starters you need to get your own bank account. I do believe you can close the one account without their concent (if your name is on it, then yes, you should be able to shut it down) or just open another one in your name alone with a startup of about 100$. Look for a small time credit union that is non profit and pays some interest in what you have in there. not some large name bank that is looking to rape you with fees and stuff.

After that is said and done, create a paypal account, using your real name. Link it to your bank account so you can withdraw money into it, and vise versa.


Get paypal now, and apply for a paypal card that spends out of your paypal directly, they do have those programs. Doesn't hurt much to apply, though if you're denied it will ding your credit score a bit.

If you need more tips or have questions please feel free to PM me with info. I'll be glad to help you out with any advice I can give you from this old horse.
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