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Why no yiff ?

So I'm sitting here kind of winding down from the holidays trying to sketch out some small bits of sketches for Garuru's pic and I'm watching Cartoon Network, Yeah It's been kinda sucky and I did sign a boycott petition since the desruction of Toonami but whatever.

Ok to the point though, I'm sitting here and they show Open Season 3, It's ok, I liked the first one well enough, can't remember the second but meh, Okay so there are these pair of doe twin cubs in the movie. They look SUPER cute and they're kinda awesome with like....military tactics and just cool things they do. As I'm watching the movie I start to think.......Well....They have Yiff and hentai for like everything these days and the movie isn't super new so I'm gonna look up something about them.

Turns out, There is none, I can't find stories, pics, SFW art, or even hackneyed sketches by someone when they were bored and I'm like.... why D: I've seen pictures of like.... Ugly characters and nasty junk from cartoons that have no way of being sexy, That's in my opinion of course. And here's these two little cutie does that have no artwork out for them?

So here's my plea: If anyone has seen the movie or has two hours to kill and some art talent, draw something of them, they're little cuties and I think they deserve some of the furry fandoms appreciation as naturally cute cub characters, Simba and Nala had their turn I think these two need a turn as well!

PS: If you PM me with art or stories(Which I kinda like more :3) and I like them have have some extra cash on me I will try to toss a donation your way ! :)  
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
Oh, yeah sometimes fans yiff suck, I dont blame them but the problem sometimes resides on style not in art or painting tecnique. sometimes the painted is awesome or realistic but the drawing let  much to desire. anyways! i dont wanna critisice anyone im just saying what sometimes happens.  <.<  and everybody is bussy this months, so dont worry about. btw scuse if my english sucks
7 years, 2 months ago
Lol I know, Its in 3D but i've seen art of jimmy neutron and shrek so why not this movie? it's been out a while too so? Meh just felt like ranting :)
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