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Exams passed, need to work on comix more...

Hi guys,

Well, according to the fact I'm now re-organized, I can finally work on my comix ^^!

As you probably seen, I've completed a page of UTS today, and how funny cause, from each page you read, there's an improvement xD ! I know it's strange to see the charas changing clothes or styles, or even losing some hairs from pages to pages but please... errr... forget it okay ? :D

Anyway, about my exams ! I succeeded it ! So that's great :3 !

As for the comix, I'll try to draw ONLY comix pages ( I said TRY !!!! ) from now on. I want to complete them all, cause I HAVE TOO MUCH NEW PROJECTS IN MIND >< !!!!!

With Pump This Party, I want to do one with Raian and Clonny's love ( how they met and how they became lovers... ?? ), one more with Sonamy ( In SATDD, an edit of the story in X version )... one more with Eggman raping sonic girls... I'm full of ideas o_o

But I'm surrounded ! ( *crying* )

Comix I have to complete :  - SATDD REAL       ( gotta work on it in April )
                                        - SATDD story board    ( same )
                                        - Back to the Future Rebirth   ( err... I don't know )
                                        - CBMOI ( Cursed By My Own Imagination )  ( same )
                                        - Raian's Life...  ( now Raian is a hater, it's gonna be fun... )

  And in X :                        - Pump This Party   ( my favourite one )
                                        - Under the Shower   ( Improvement from pages to pages xD )
                                        - The Time Ruler is a Bitch !  ( sketchy so easy ! )
And as for projects ( titles not confirmed ):            -My sweet Doppeldanger ( ClonnyXRaian )
                                                                        - SATDD Director's Cut ( XDDD )
                                                                     - The Invention of the End ( Eggman )

HOLY sh** ><... And I've already started some pages of these projects... Damn me... I HATE MYSELF sometimes -_-...

So let's complete all of those comix, and start something new !

Skyrim... Go away >< !!! You fucked me too much now O_O !!

Time... Time... Time... I ... need... time...

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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
ZOMB dragon!  *hide under table waiting for the local drunks to punch it to death.*
7 years, 2 months ago
*rubs shockers together* CLEAR! Live damnit! Breath! haha
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