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Worth a +watch...

Although he has only posted one story here, I recommend +watching

Who is he? Well, he's one of the Old Guard of the furry community, going back to as far, if not farther, as I've been in furry (more than a quarter-century). He does leave two clues in his profile, both you can find on Wikipedia.

I was his first +watch here (and so far only), which I have +watched in kind, as I know his storytelling skills quite well. And do check out his sole story here (so far)- One of the true masters of furry fiction is here. :)

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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
Added! ^^
7 years, 4 months ago
Thank you for the recommendation.
7 years, 4 months ago

So far, you're the fifth additional +watcher since I posted the journal, and the second to +fave his sole story (and one of your few +faves, no less). Not bad for a day. :)

Who knows why he chose me as his first +watch (possibly the Challenges?), or how he found me in the first place, but... I don't mind at all... :) Now if another fellow furry writer and old friend Will Sanborne (and another legend of furry writing as well, I might add) were here, serious furry writing on Inkbunny would finally have some serious names... :) (Too bad @VixyyFox isn't around here much anymore- She's one awesome writer in her own right...)

(We're all part of furry's "second wave" of furry storytellers- The ones who came around in the '80s and '90s... The "fourth wave" just started about 3-4 years ago, roughly, perhaps earlier- There are some overlapping.)

7 years, 4 months ago
When it comes to Favorites, I tend to be picky.  Plus, a lot of the stuff I've favorited on DeviantArt and FurAffinity I found via e621 (lots of boring porn and nightmare fuel, but there's plenty of nice stuff, too).

My Winterfur world began as a a fan concept based on Vicky Wyman's Xanadu in 1994, then grew organically from there, mutating and stealing concepts and fan ideas I developed from other sources along the way, like the Ironclaw RPG.  I've made bits and pieces of stories in that world for well over a decade and a half, but it wasn't until NaNoWriMo 2004 that I actually got serious and actually wrote a complete story set in that world, followed by the start of a sequel for NaNoWriMo 2005 and still ongoing today.

So, I'm too late for the second wave, yet too early for the third wave?  Does that make me the sole member of the e wave?  Or am I too late for the third wave but too early for the fourth, thus making me the sole member of the pi wave? :o  Or am I just too inconsistent for any wave? :p

In any case, Chipotle most likely saw a familiar name in a new location and decided you were worth watching.  Who can say until he says something?
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