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figure review: Free Riders Tails

alright, time for another review of an action figure, Free Riders Tails.  I was reticent to buy this because it's just a variant, but I figured there are enough differences in the sculpt and articulation to warrant adding it to my collection.  First his board, it is really cool looking, rolls very well, and has a sticker base along with good paint apps on the body.  It also has a unique shape, it's not just a repainted Sonic or Jet board.  There are some differences in sculpt, first of all he uses slightly lighter orange plastic than the original figure (note: it's the same color as the ASR Tails) and like other free riders figures he has new shoes, hands, and goggles, though in Tails' case the goggles are not removable, that could limit the customs I can make with it, though I am tempted to swap heads with the ASR figure since the flight goggles suit flying the plane.  So let's move on to that new articulation!  Remember when I mentioned that Classic Robotnik has a bicep swivel and I hoped that more figures would have that in the future?  Well this Tails (And the FR Knuckles and Storm from what I've seen) have this new bit of articulation as well, and it's actually pretty cool, opening up great new possibilities for poses that previous figures couldn't do.  Of course there are these little bumps in the elbows and knees that are meant to keep them from easily bending backwards like the 5 inch Sonic's, but they look kinda blatant.  Overall I really like this new articulation loadout, and I'm happy it's likely going to show up on future figures such as Rouge, opening up bold new possibilities.  From this set I have seen pictures of Storm the Albatross and a new Knuckles, and I really HOPE that Wave is included as well to round out the Babylon Rogues team (also because this toy series needs more female characters.)

Also, I got the 3DS version of Sonic Generations, and it's a good game, but it feels really phoned in compared to the console version -_- I KNOW the 3DS is capable of rendering good cutscenes, and a hub world almost identical to generation's was included in Sonic Advance 3, A GAME FROM 2 CONSOLE GENERATIONS AGO!!!  Yet this game is just structured like an HD version of Sonic Rush.  The game is still fun and the graphics are extremely nice, but I can't help but feel disappointed since it seems to be the bare minimum effort on the part of Sonic Team, especially since it took another 3 weeks to come out.
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