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Question for potential Vore based "Dating" Sim game

I know I don't have many watchers so this won't be seen by too many, but figured I'd give a shot asking this here (also have this up on SF's forums).

So I've been thinking for a couple of weeks about trying to start making (no idea if I'll ever "finish" it, but...) a Dating Sim type Flash Game, except it would be Vore Sim. Same premise as a Dating Sim, but instead of them ending up in your bed they end up in your belly (maybe a trip to the bed before the belly).

But... there's certain aspects of Dating Sims I usually don't like.

Don't like the "Say the right thing" style, where it's just a set of choices to say different things and you can game over at any point for saying the wrong thing.

Also I really want to avoid the "Energy" and "Tight Time Frame" style, where you can only do so much each day (including talk) and have only so many days to get your stats up and woo your target before you game over.

I am thinking maybe kind of a hybrid. Because the idea I have is for there to be several ways to get your prey, with different characters being easier/harder to get in different ways, as well as an escape/caught-in-the-act game over. Willing (they want it), Talked Into (you convince them), Tricked (lure them to your bed then...), and Unwilling (the brute force approach). So there would need to be stats, and some chat trees for the Talked Into and Tricked routes. I'm just not sure how to go about letting the player increase those stats. Without an Energy system they could just freely increase everything straight away and then there's no fun or chance of failure, but... Maybe use an Energy system only for stat increasing and/or put limits on how much/quickly they can be raised, but don't limit character interactions with that Energy...

I just don't want there to be failure from "you didn't play 'fast enough'". Failure would be from "you tried the Tricked route, but your cunning wasn't high enough and they saw through your ruse and escaped to call the cops".

So I guess the question is:
What do you like/dislike in Dating Sims?
And/or any thoughts on a way to increase stats while still having fun of the "pursuit" and chance of failure?
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
For the stats thing, perhaps there could a minigame for those stats? Like you could train, I dunno, Persuasion, by doing a dialogue tree minigame with your instructor, or Power by wrestling with your instructor, etc.
Also, what kinds of vore we talking? And are any other kinks involved?
6 years, 6 months ago
It would just be soft oral vore in the beginning, but if I actually do well with it (this would be by far the most complicated programming I've undertaken) and it ends up popular, it could eventually expand. Just to start out I'm even going to limit it to only 1 character (to stress myself less) - kind of just a Beta to begin with, then add more later.

Yeah, I was thinking 3 stats: Charm (for both Willing and Talked Into), Cunning (for Tricked), and Strength (for Unwilling).

A mini-game would be "normal". I'm just not sure how to restrict it from being able to just spam raise a stat - putting no challenge in the pursuit - without resorting to an "Energy" system. As the game were to expand to multiple characters I could see using the pursuit of the "easier" characters to raise stats for taking on the "harder", but early on with just 1 character...

Maybe just some distributable stats at the beginning "character creation", then a hidden 2nd set of stats tied to each prey which you can manipulate but not see through your dialogue with them. Then have the code check your stats against theirs for success.
6 years, 6 months ago
Starting small is good. If needed, I can help you formulate some of the "crunch", I.e. The math behind it.

The same stat shouldn't dictate two different methods. I would suggest leaving Charm with Talked Into, and giving a Perception or something like it for Willing, as you need to be able to find who would be all-in. Having Charm run both would make it a god-stat.

Right now it's just a proof of concept, so it doesn't need to have a more fleshed out system than simple money management. With more characters will come more nuance.

And the hidden stats thing is a good idea.
6 years, 6 months ago
I figured since both were technically "Willing" methods, Talked Into would just require the stat being higher, but maybe split it into Charm (Willing) and Persuasion (Talked Into). Or yeah, Perception isn't a bad idea, there would certainly be characters Willing would never work on, no matter how high a stat - so Talked Into or Tricked would be the "best" chance of getting them even partially willingly.

If things go well (or I run into a wall) it might be something I'd open up to being a collaborative project and/or commission based "include my character too". Except I'm going to be using AS2, I don't know AS3, and any "skilled programmer" would probably cry from seeing/working along side my amateur coding. All self taught.
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