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What am I doing now?

Well, besides trying to stay mentally all there and resist some certain old habits when I am moody, I havve been quite busy outside of slaving at Wally World.

One: I may have a new career lined up and figured some here might like it. As a few know, I work once a week at a headshop. Its a bit unique compared to most and does not use tyedye, black lights and Bob Marley flags all over. We actually second as a vintage movie poster and toy shop to boot. Plus expensive horror movie and monster masks. We even sell vintage trading cards including 9 different series of Garbage Pail Kids.

But the best seller is incense and I decided to make my own home made incense, using all natural ingredients, and sell it at the store. If any here is interested, I might sell to you all as well.

Two: I am making huge leaps into working on my next story and this one is going to be huge and most likely in parts and chapters. Going to start outlining it as soon as this is posted.

What is the story? Well, it is based on a roleplay that never got past introductions but it was too good of an idea. It is called 'The Most Awesome Field Trip' (not sure if final title) and stars a huge cast of everyone's favorite characters created by
. For most of you, I am sure this is no big surprise considering it is the same world I use for the Frankie stories and had dropped a few cameos in it already. But Frankie is not in this story. Here is the possible cast of characters so far, to give you an idea of how big this project is.

Cast:  (Adults) Terrance Larson, Meg Breta, Maria Anders, Jasmine(last name with held), Albert Kilroy
            (the students)  Jake, Mitch, Sachel, Melissa, Kaien, Madeleine, Mimi, Cedric, Alex, Lyle, Maggie, Bobby, Scotty, Katie, Crystal, Zoey, Stephanie

I think that's all of them. I am going to be working hard to keep this canon to the actual characters as much as possible. The reason I say this is because there are some characters in the cast that do not belong to either Mizzy or I but some will need some changes done to stay true to the rest of the cast and story. I will send a private note of what I have planned later to you if your character is in the cast.

And that is about it for now. You all have a good Holiday.
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