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Just posting this here, I thought it'd be a good thing to have. ;3

By commissioning the artist, the client has fully read, understands, and agrees to the Terms of Service. Failure to adhere to any part of the Terms of Service will result in a suspension/banning from future commissions.

All business will be conducted exclusively through private message on InkBunny.
Do not contact through the paypal e-mail.

Client must pay via PayPal only and in USD.
The client is encouraged to send payment as soon as possible.
The client has one week from the day of the sketch being approved to send payment. Example: The client approves the sketch on a Tuesday. They have until next Tuesday to send payment.
Failure of the client to send payment before the deadline may result in the commission being cancelled by the artist.

The artist has the right to alter their Terms of Service at any time without notice. The artist will always provide an update at the top of this page specifying what was changed and when.
The artist can demand their art to be taken down if the client does something to violate anything such as: uploading the artwork to prohibited websites, commercial use, tampering with/altering the art in any way, editing the watermark, client claiming to have done the artwork, client refusing to leave credit, etc.
The artist does not permit the resale of anything they have drawn. Including their art in any character sales is prohibited, as this falls under the client making profit (commercial use) from the artist's work.
The artist will not be making any additional profit (prints, and merchandise in general) off of any commission they produce.

The client
The client must be able to communicate effectively in English and be coherent to the artist (i.e. utilizing appropriate grammar or punctuation, not requiring a translator to communicate to the artist).
The client is allowed to contact the artist to inquire about their commission's progress as long as it's not excessive (contacting every day).
The client will be blacklisted if they reverse a transaction (aka a chargeback) at any point in time after they have sent the artist payment. The client will not be able to purchase anything from the artist again. The client will also lose their right to use the art as well, because the client took back their payment. No payment = no art.
By commissioning the artist, all clients agree that they are purchasing the artist's labor only. The artist retains all copyrights over their work, which includes but is not limited to: distributing the work to other sites, self-promotion, inclusion in the artist's portfolio, an example of sales, and so on.
If the client re-submits the finished work, credit to the artist is required, and so is a link back to the artist's page. However, the client is prohibited from uploading the commission to these sites: Twitter, Instagram, 4chan, Livejournal. If the artist wants their art on these sites, they will post it.
 The client may not alter, edit, or tamper with the artwork in any way. Edits include but are not limited to: tracing, recoloring, adding onto the art (text, for example), cropping with the intent removing or covering the watermark, and so on.
The client may use the artwork as an icon, or anything else exclusively personal that does not result in the client making profit and so long as the art itself goes unaltered.

Multiple characters/Parties
1) If there are multiple character owners - even if the client is the one paying the commission - the Terms of Service will extend to the owners of these other characters for safety reasons.

1) The client must request any possible revisions or changes during the sketching stage only.
Corrections on the character(s) design are the only revisions permitted.

2) There are some exceptions to this, however:
If a mistake was made by the artist, and the artist was unaware until after the commission was deeper in progress or already completed, it will be fixed without question.
If the mistake was at the fault of the client (due to failure in providing an accurate references or information) this rule still applies so long as the change is minor (small accessories, markings, piercings and the like). These minor changes will only be accepted by the artist during the first several days after the commission has been completed. The artist will not make revisions after a week, several weeks, or months have passed.

3) Any drastic changes in general will be denied. Examples of drastic changes are:
Poses being redone •  nitpicks from the client that are directed towards the artist's style of drawing • requesting for the artist to mimic the style of another artist • adding new characters, props, clothes, weapons that were never asked for by the client before work began.

The commission will only be posted on the site it originated on. (Example, InkBunny)
The commission will be watermarked. The watermark will consist of just the artist's name (Jupiter Moon).
The client will not receive a version without the watermark, nor can they demand one.
If the client wishes for their commission to remain private and never be uploaded to the public anywhere, they understand that they will have to pay a fee ($10).
Any art containing humans will not be posted anywhere, but will be e-mailed to the commissioner.

Refusals, Cancellations, Refunds
1) The artist is not required to accept any and every commission inquiry. Common reasons for a decline include but are not limited to
Commission having a deadline (the artist generally does not allow these).
Subject matter is either too complex or uncomfortable to the artist, and the artist is uncomfortable attempting it.
If the commission is intended to be a gift and the recipient is unaware (i.e. surprise gift art).
Suspicions that a character/characters are being used without consent of their respective owners.
Subject matter includes a character or characters that do not belong to the client in general. Subject matter involving characters that do not belong to the client may result in a requirement for the respective owners to contact the artist and give them permission to include them in the artwork. Character owners must also be aware of the general idea of the commission's content.

2) If the client has not yet paid for their work (still in the sketching stage):
If the client chooses to cancel, use of the sketch in any way is not permitted. The artist retains the right to recycle and modify the sketch for a future art piece.

3) The artist has the ability to cancel (while still in the sketching stage) as well. Reasons include but are not limited to:
Inappropriate, unreasonable, or rude behavior by the client.
Client fails to send payment before the week deadline.
Tablet malfunction or failure, loss of internet, computer failure, incapacitating illness or injury, family crisis.
If the artist is having difficulty in progressing with the commission due to complex requirements by client.

Will/Won't draw
The artist has the right to refuse drawing things they are uncomfortable with, and turn down the commission if need be.
All most any species, common to uncommon. Monster types/complex characters may have an extra charge to the commission.
Most NSFW is fine with the artist. (Sexual things, soft gore, soft violence)
Harder NSFW things are on case by case with the artist. (Explicit sexual things, hard gore, hard violence)
Extreme kinks, examples are (Scat, watersports, vomit, gross bodily functions, hyper, macro)
**Pay me enough and I'll..**
Draw some watersports, soft hyper, soft macro.
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
What is your Will not draw/ Will charge more to draw list?
6 years, 7 months ago
Ah! A good thing to add in, I'll make a section for that!
6 years, 7 months ago
I've updated it c:
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