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Skyrim Sucks!!!...

... but so do I, so it's a good thing.

So far, it's been some of the weirdest set of events running through the game... Let's see, I've hugged a bunch of foxies, met a weird talking dog, met a bunch of mages who secretly hate each other, and electrocuted almost everything that tried to poke me. 'Tis a super fun game, so much stuff to do and places to explore. The world is absolutely massive, but super easy to navigate with the way points and fast travel system. The level up system and skill trees are unique and lots of fun to use, and the best part is, if you get bored doing one thing, there's about thirty other things that can sidetrack you.

So stupid orc hunter tried to shoot at a foxie, and I made sure to obliterate him and his entire camp. Stupid orc...

Anyway, I've been playing a destro lizard (read as Argonian Destruction Mage), putting extra points into smithing and enchanting, which makes for some very pretty armor. I like conjuration spells too, the summons are super fun and helpful. A few of the perks seem rather useless though, but that's ok, since it's easy to get an excess of skill points.

Also, I've somehow managed to play the game for an excess of twenty hours and haven't seen a single dwaggie (minus the tutorial one), let alone killed one. Meybe Helgan was just an isolated incident for my character, or rather, I'll have someone else be the chosen one or something. (I know... I haven't the the right quests or anything to start the dwaggie stuff, but I'm in no rush.)

Sho... all in all, super fun game! You should get it!
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
Playing it and it's quite fun so far, though I pretty much hated every other TES game before this. They were all so darn bland. This one's better though. And for once, the faces don't look so butt ugly anymore.
7 years, 5 months ago
Hehe, I still kinda hate some of the dialogue, but I've been pretty spoiled by Bioware stuff, so I guess it can be forgiven. But, I do see where you're coming from. I couldn't get into Oblivion myself (hated the level up system and the world was huge, but empty), but this one is so much more fun.
7 years, 5 months ago
I'm a bit more into the Gothic games and Risen, and since a year or so, Witcher too. So, all in all, Skyrim is doing a lot of things right now, that TES wasn't doing right before. They're on to something. :) Catching up. You get a lot more rewarded for exploration this time, and things don't look like random generated all the time.
7 years, 5 months ago
If you've been doing only side quests you won't see any other dragons until you do the main quest part for the jarl of wiindheim to kill one, after that they are random in addition to stronger, I think, named/quest ones.
7 years, 5 months ago
Yeah, I figured as much. My friend told me that you could do the main quest to get your house, but you didn't need to go past that if you didn't want to. The dwaggie is gonna be circling that watch tower for a long time.
7 years, 2 months ago
I love skyrim. I play as the Argonian race to, Sometimes ill play as the cat race. My characters i play as a more archer/assassin type. I have been trying to play a more mage oriented character lately. I have not beat it just yet. I'm more into making sweet armor with enchantments or crafting, and getting everything to 100. =) If you need any tip's on getting something leveled fast i can maybe help's =^.^=
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