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Serious Question

Consider this;

You cannot leave your local area and all stores/warehouses in your area have been occupied and barricaded by hostile human forces who shoot any who enter, thus you have no chance of accessing them. You may only access suburban homes (private) and small shops such as corner stores. At least seventy five percent of the population is undead, and if a person dies they instantly reanimate as a zombie regardless of cause of death. A bite from an zombie has an 80% chance of infection, so there is a chance you will survive, but there is no immunity to it so being bitten repeatedly will not build your bodies defense against it. To infect a person a zombie must bite, and pierce, human flesh.

Also, you do not have any time to plan. It has just happened without warning, and very suddenly. Death is everywhere, you have had no time to stock up, build barricades, or contact people. If you do not SEE anyone nearby, then you literally cannot contact them because their is total radio silence. The only people who you KNOW are alive is anyone who lives with you. The streets are not filled with the dead, per se, but when you glance outside, there are at least a couple of the maggot farms meandering outside and chewing on abandoned pets. They cannot run quickly, only shuffle, but they also do not stop.

Also, they do not know you are home, but they apparently noticed your home was lit and are coming to investigate. Keep in mind this is a real time situation; What you have is what you have. Unless you have a bunker of guns stored beneath your home, then they will not suddenly materialize there. If you can't shoot accurately, you are not spontaneously an amazing sniper who is a crack shot. If you are unhealthy and have gone without exercise, you are not suddenly capable of wind-sprinting one hundred yards in fifteen seconds. If you have no weapons training, you don't suddenly know how to use a gun. If you don't have combat training, you are not capable of prolonged hand-to-hand combat. All of your skills, weapons, strengths, and weaknesses, abilities, food, barricade material, and supplies are whatever you have RIGHT. NOW.

What do you do?
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Added: 8 years, 3 months ago
8 years, 3 months ago
*looks around my room*  i'd grab the poles from my dumbell set, and start walking down the street casually and head out of town.  and zombie wanders too close i'd smash their head off.  if there's a group, take a small diversion. and save my running energy for when i need it.
8 years, 3 months ago
8 years, 1 month ago
...die from zombie bites, probably. =(

Although I suppose... *looks around* That toolkit would hold some handy zombie-bashing weapons in a worst-case scenario. I'd probably barricade the door with the couch, and if I had time before that, barricade the hallway door with the spare bed. Lesse, the front window is kind of big and we're only on the second story, so I'd probably duct tape the hell out of it. The electricity is probably out, so perishable food is what I'd eat first... oh, although if I can in fact make it to a corner store, I'd run to the gas station to loot whatever food is still there.

But... yeah, probably just die from zombie bites after a few days. =(

8 years, 1 month ago
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