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Well this was... Interesting

I know this is my first post ever but... I just took one of those silly internet quiz things and thought I would share the results.

Your result for How much of a furry are you? ...
64% Fandom, 52% Lifestyle and 55% Knowledge!
Descriptions of each score:

Fandom: the higher the score, the more interest you show in furry art, media, and the concept of anthropomorphism in general.  If you score high on this, signs point to you being a furry!

 Lifestyle: the higher the score, the more you act like a furry.  If you get a high score, people are more likely to tell that you are a furry.  Get a low score, and it shouldn't be difficult to keep it a secret.  Get a high score and you're not even a furry?  It's entirely possible people might have the wrong idea.  Or maybe they have the right idea and you just don't know it.

Knowledge: higher scores mean a greater knowledge of the furry fandom.  If you don't score well on this, it would probably be beneficial for you to do a little research first if you want to decide for sure if you're a furry or not.

In other news, i am working on a profile pic! I aim to upload it as soon as I am done but knowing me it could be some time lol.

No hints as to what it is so if anyone does read this I will not be giving out the secret for a while.

No, its my precious! *sprints to corner of the room* My precious! *mumbles incoherently clutching some imaginary object*
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