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(Why? Because a certain someone I know and love told me it couldn't be done.)

Princess Celestia - Heir of Time
Princess Luna - Queen of Space
Discord - Bard of Chaos (hey, if Nepeta can break the five-words-per-land rule to have LoLCaT, Discord can be the Hero of an affinity with two syllables.)
God-Tier players from a previous session. They won and successfully entered their universe. And that's how Equestria was made!! Discord entered the new universe at a point in time further in its past than the Princesses, and the solitude drove him further off the deep end he'd been teetering on ever since being horrifically twisted by ascending to God Tier as the hero of Chaos... which is why when they found Equestria it was such a mess under his rule.)

The ponies' homes (and the rest of Equestria) are NOT in danger of being destroyed by meteors. Celestia and Luna wield their considerable powers to deflect and harmlessly teleport meteors, pulling in ones with useful artifacts such as the command stations and the Frog Temple... and the mane six as foals. This will cool Applejack's objections to playing "this silly game o' Twilight's" as Sweet Apple Acres need not be abandoned when Applejack enters the Incipisphere: she can easily transportalize back to do her daily chores, and use alchemy to duplicate apples and apple trees by the thousands. (Just like John's dad apparently did with such things as shaving cream and pipe tobacco.)

Lacking computers and similar technology, the Equestrian entry into the Medium will be even more different than the trolls' biotechnology-based SGRUB was: SPONY will take the form of a pair of spells, first cast by Twilight and Rarity to help Twilight enter the Medium, then refined into precast scrolls to allow the non-unicorns to pair up as client and server partners.

The client-server architecture is as follows:
Twilight <== Rarity <== Applejack <== Rainbow Dash <== Fluttershy <== Pinkie Pie <== Twilight

Twilight Sparkle: the Heir of Light
Land: of Light and Shade (an unusual world, it rotates to give a 6-hour day/night cycle with the light from Skaia, making building upward a challenge for Rarity because of the different forces at play on the structure compared to the other, non-rotating worlds in the Medium.)
Fetch Modus: Array. Sensible, organized, allows her to retrieve whatever she needs with a minimum of fuss.

Rarity: the Sylph of Hope
Land: of Crystal and Textiles (one challenge she faces is leaving her world behind long enough to get quests done elsewhere, as many things she likes are quite obviously in abundance)
Fetch Modus: Makeover. Always retrieves the current most beautiful item in her Sylladex--or the one in most desperate need of prettifying.

Applejack: the Knight of Life
Land: of Forest and Rain (much of Sweet Apple Acres' orchard came with her, allowing her to continue her work even in the Medium)
Fetch Modus: Heap. Sensibly, the most valuable item is always accessible at the root node.

Rainbow Dash: the Rogue of Time (and she already has the shades 8) )
Land: of Sand and Glass (with many hourglasses; Dash's time machine appears as two spinning cross-shaped double hourglasses supported by a stone bearing a resemblance to Greek column tops--operable with her wings, naturally)
Fetch Modus: Two-Way Iterator. Allows her to move back and forth through the linked list with great speed, accessing any item in linear time, while still being able to weaponize her sylladex, ejecting only the exact item she wants to by selecting just the right slot to collide with.

Fluttershy: the Maid of Heart
Land: of Dew and Tea (gradually having more and more adorable creatures she brought over from LoFaR and elsewhere. Also, it goes without saying that she would be even MORE nonaggressive towards the underlings than Tavros or Gamzee, and would use the Stare to quell any aggression from them.)
Fetch Modus: Politeness. Dispenses the right item when asked with "Please."

Pinkie Pie: the Bard of Space
Land: of Mirth and Frogs (Pinkie got the session Forge from the mountain where the dragon in "Dragonshy" was napping, via shenanigans. When asked how she got it to move to the Medium when it was so far away from Sugarcube Corner, she just giggles.)
Fetch Modus: Miracle. (C'mon, you knew it had to be.)

And the question of the eon: why would Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, knowing the mechanics of SPONY, allow the mane six to cast the spells and play the game, knowing that if they made a slip-up, ponies could die or homes be destroyed from the meteors? Answer: Because they wanted to see what a marvelous universe the new Elements of Harmony would create. ...Also, since Celestia already rescued them from the meteors, to not allow them to create their own paradox clones would just result in a doomed alternate timeline. Celestia, as the former hero of Time, would know this all too well.

How would the ponies have Strife Specibi without hands when only two of them possess unicorn telekinesis? Easy: like Sollux and Equius, they don't need weapons when they have their natural abilities in Strife. The earth ponies have powerful kicks that would only get stronger as they increased in level, Rainbow Dash could use super speed to similar effect, the unicorns have their magic, and Fluttershy would use her animal communion and Stare to achieve quest objectives non-violently.

The kernelsprites: ...Honestly, I can't even begin to predict what the ponies would pick for prototyping.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago

You win.
7 years, 4 months ago
*hugglesmooch* Please don't think that I was trying to "beat you" or anything--when somebody says something can't be done, I think "Challenge accepted." >:3
7 years, 4 months ago
Is this an adaption into some kind of RPG system?
I is confused o.o
7 years, 4 months ago
It's a crossover with Homestuck, a very, very, VERY long comic. If you wish to read the archives (and believe me, there's no way of understanding present happenings without doing so) I strongly advise reading the complete precursor, Problem Sleuth, first. Getting through that will give you a good idea of whether you can handle the monumental Homestuck archives.
7 years, 4 months ago
Nah. It's not my thing. Sorry.
7 years, 4 months ago
Pinkie Pie: the Bard of Space
7 years, 4 months ago
BWAHAHA!!! Awesome.
7 years, 4 months ago
You forgot about there dreamselves and what moon they would be on.

Also, I think there kernal sprites could be there pets like Angelsprite or Opalsprite. Maybe they can get turned back to normal if they successfully complete the game.
7 years, 4 months ago
Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie: Prospit dreamers
Twilight, Dash, AJ: Derse dreamers.

And I thought of the pets being put into the kernelsprites, but the way the game works, they'd probably do so because the pets DIED... and I didn't want to imply that.

I shudder to think about the possibility of a paraspritesprite.
7 years, 4 months ago
Also I've been thinking, and the prototypings could work something like this:
Twilight thinks the "prototyping" will probably just take a copy of the form of the object or entity thrown in, based on the description she reads within the spellbooks Celestia sent. To her horror, Spike disappears entirely, BECOMING the kernel. Fortunately, Spikesprite retains all of Spike's memory and personality and so for all intents and purposes IS still Spike.

Rarity prototypes Opalescence quite by accident: Opal is getting a mite freaked out by all the weird furniture-moving Applejack is doing from afar, and jumps on Rarity's hindquarters with claws extended. Rarity throws her off almost reflexively, and the feline sails into the kernelsprite.

Applejack, upon hearing that Spikesprite has been giving Twilight lots of useful information about the Medium, decides to prototype Winona in the hopes that her canine herding partner will be more eloquent afterward. Unfortunately, Winona still tends towards barks for communication--adequate for herding, not so much for communicating obscure concepts about the Incipisphere.

Rainbow Dash would zoom around setting up everything for entry, and then, when she's just about to use her Cruxite Artifact, Twilight tells her she absolutely MUST put something in the kernel first, so she tosses in [whatever pet she picks in the upcoming episode] and gets in the Medium in ten seconds flat.

"Oh Angel... I really need to put something in the kernelsprite... it would be ever so nice if I could have a nice bunny to help me through the Medium... that is... if that's alright with you..."

"So Pinkie Pie, looks like you already got your kernelsprite prototyped with Gummy..." "Is THAT what we were doing? I just threw Gummy a Weird Flashy Thing Party and wouldn't you know, he just moseyed right on in!"

Hours in the future (but not many)...
"Cutie Mark Crusader Incipisphere Explorers!" ...sneaking through one of the transportalizers. Inevitably, tragedy strikes all three, and since they do not have Quest Beds or dreamselves, the ponies desperately try prototyping as a way to bring them back to life, or at least existence.

And so through post-Entry second-tier prototyping, Opalsprite would become Sweetiesprite, Winonasprite would become Applebloomsprite, and Scootasprite would finally be able to help out her idol.

...which means I'm going to do a colossal amount of headdesking if Rainbow Dash picks some kind of bird in episode 2x7...
7 years, 4 months ago
Or it'd make it completely hilarious if Rainbow picks a chicken in 2x7. XD
7 years, 4 months ago
its fun to understand nothing of what is happening here, Ill have to explore this these days xD
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