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Well that talk was...interesting

The one good thing about it was the fact that I didn't get pissed at all.  I just had a lot of "wtf" moments?  For the first 20 minutes or so at least it was really frustrating.  Because when we got there Ashley was sitting on the couch and Kelly was at the computer completely ignoring everything.  So my brother finally spoke up and Kelly instantly stated getting an attitude about it and getting on my case for being there.  I understand the fact that this doesn't have anything to do with me, but it's in part because of the fact that I'm family.  That and they needed some kind of moderator for the whole thing.  Because not long into it my brother and Kelly just started going at it while I was trying to talk and figure some things out with Ashley.  So I had to try getting them to back up and calm down.  Though Kelly again proved to me again how much of an idiot she is.  She can't just talk to someone when he's upset.  She would talk loud and give attitude and swear a lot as well instead of trying to act like an adult.  And at one point she tried getting on my case and calling me childish and such and I just kind of laughed a bit and told her I'm not the one that's yelling like crazy and swearing left and right.  Though according to her doing all of that isn't childish. ^^;

One of the things though that really made no sense in my mind was of course on the whole me going to say something to her at work thing.  Even though I kept telling her my brother had nothing to do with it she kept saying that he did.  Just because of the fact that he was standing a few feet behind me saying nothing. >.>  But this is the thing that doesn't make sense.  According to her if I went in without my brother then she wouldn't have acted the way she did.  But apparently my brother standing behind me and saying nothing was somehow an issue.

But after a while she was pitching a fit again that I shouldn't be there and that she should be allowed to bring someone else into this.  So even though she made fun of my brother for it before she called her mother up to come and help her.  Though in before she got there there was still more crap going on.  Like trying to talk some sense into Kelly, but again all I got from her was attitude and her not wanting to listen.  Like she tried using the excuse of, "I'm not waking up 2-3 hours before work so that I can take care of some things like laundry!"  I just looked right at her and told her that's what I do and it's not hard.  Though again she just got on my ass some more after that. ^^;

The funny thing though was basically right after her mother showed up she mostly started acting like a complete angel.  Though during the second part of the talk both her and Ashley kept laughing about random stupid things and Kelly kept making faces about things she didn't like.  Which again proves my point that they are both, especially Kelly, just really childish.  Like one of the things that came up and I wanted to hit my head against something was the fact that the laundry wasn't always taken out of the washer/drier.  Well part of that was the fact that they didn't have a basket for the clothe. x.x  But apparently the both of them thought that basket was funny.  I have no idea how though.  They also couldn't understand the concept of having something put up on the wall that can have a cleaning schedule and the bills up on it.  Because cleaning is even too hard of an issue for all of them.  But the one good thing was that she did calm her ass down for the most part once her mother got there and things got discussed more.  It was just funny though that all of them couldn't understand simple concepts.  Like if you get pissed off go out and walk or something to calm yourself down.  Don't just start yelling more and disturb the neighbors.

One of the other things though that really made no sense to me was this.  My brother has several swords and knives in his room.  He just collects them to a degree like me and has the knives for protection just in case.  Well according to Kelly they're not afraid of him or anything, but she doesn't feel comfortable with him having those swords and knives in his room.  He told them right there that if that's how they feel he can move the swords back to where I'm at, but he's keeping the two knives he has.  Though again she still didn't like that.  She was even saying that if you need protection there are the knives in the kitchen, but he told them he's not using those or taking them into his room and again she said she wouldn't want him to take them into his room.  But she would be ok if he had his knives and just left them in the kitchen.  So there's apparently something else going on that she is not saying, because she isn't putting up a very solid argument.  Also his room is about ten or so feet from the kitchen, which is about the same distance from the front door to the kitchen.  So if he would need them it would be pointless if he had to go to the kitchen and find them.

Either way like I said I think some things got worked out, but either way I have a feeling it'll be like walking on egg shells these last four months.  Because after seeing how both of the girls are, especially Kelly, things probably won't be quiet for long.  And I even told my brother when I got back to the car that the both of them are a bit crazy and have issues.  Though granted at the same time I told my brother that he's not innocent in all of it as well.  Because he either doesn't talk about things or he just gets pissed off as well.  So for now it seems to be a waiting game and see if anything else happens to crop up.

Thanks though for the suggestions that people threw at me.
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