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Need some input on something

And right now the only thing I can really think of doing is letting these people go off and prove even more how big of an idiot that they are.

Also as you can probably tell this is a fairly long one so bear with me. ^^;

But several months ago my brother had moved out into an apartment with two girls he used to work with at Issacs.  Which it's a sandwich shop if you're wondering and I found out recently the two girls are actually dating.  But things seemed to be going fine for at least a little while, but then a bunch of things kept cropping up and happening.  How the setup is is it's a lower level apartment.  A small living room area, kitchen, one bathroom, washer and dryer a larger bedroom and a smaller one.  The two girls have the larger one obviously and my brother has the smaller.

But off and on the two girls get into really bad fights and my brother has heard from the neighbors at times that they can easily hear it and they've reported them to the leasing office several times already because of it.  Though the neighbors know that my brother isn't involved with the yelling or anything and know that it's just the two girls that are doing all of it.

But one of the main issues is that they essentially keep bullying my brother.  Like they only get cable in the girls' room and in the living room, not in my brother's room.  So if he wants to watch tv he has to go into the living room and they've thrown a fit about it.  Even to go so far as to hide that tv because they didn't like him watching it in there.  He's also gotten crap from them before because one of them will leave their clothe in the dryer and washer and not take them out.  Then when he tries to do his laundry and asks them about it they pitch a fit about it.  

Though a good bit of that is with paying for things.  I found out yesterday that he's paying part of the dog rent fee.  When the only animal there is one of the girls dogs.  But they're forcing him to pay it.  Also one of them refuses to pay for any of the gas bill because she doesn't cook anything in the apartment and usually eats out.  But it's little things like this that have been going on and they will gang up on and go off on my brother when he tries to confront them with it.  Though most of the items such as the cable and the internet are all in his name.  Because the girls didn't want to deal with it or something stupid like that.

They're also the type that doesn't really want to listen to anything and like I said they gang up on my brother when he tries to say anything against things.  Mind you these are all people that are in their mid to early 20s and yet the girls act like they're 16.

My mother has even had to get involved at one point to try and sort things out and they've gone off on her about everything too.  Though she was able to shut one of them up by basically calling her a child and to grow up. ^^;  Also I've been told that both of the girls family don't like the others so they don't get involved in the whole thing.

So one of the solutions I've told him to do if they want to keep being difficult is to cut the cable and the internet.  Because a lot of times he doesn't watch the tv there as it is.  That and he can still come here if he needs to go online for something.  Though at the same time if he does that and if they reactivate it in their names they'll probably pitch more of a fit if he uses it.  Along with him and my mother think that they would freak if he did that.

One of the other things is trying to have yet another talk with them about everything.  However this time I will be there if they try to pull anything or back anything up.  Because one way or another I won't take it and I've dealt with their kind more than enough on here to know what to do.  Which is to not react to them and throw logic right back at them.  Like the acting like a child and grow up thing.  Along with if that happens I'm recording the entire thing in case they try to turn it around on us.  Because they try acting like it's all my brother and nothing else.  I did try to stop in at Issacs yesterday to tell one of them that we all need to talk about this whole thing that's going on.  Yeah I got a little taste of how she is.  Because she started getting defensive and giving me attitude right there.  Along with her sister was there as well and the both of them were trying to act like I was creating a scene. ^^;  When I would have just said something that would have taken a few second and I would have walked out.  But they both kept cutting me off and getting on my ass. ^^;

The other thing is my brother has found someone to take his spot at the apartment and even theirs as well.  Though they would have to agree to him leaving and they really pitched a fit about that.  Because apparently they don't want him to leave, but at the same time say that they're afraid of him or some stupid crap like that.  Even though behind his back they were trying to figure out a way to get out, but they completely deny it to his face.

The only other thing is my mother has threatened to call the cops on them before when she was there dealing with it and that shut them right up.  So more than likely the best route is to get as much evidence and take them to court to get him out of it.  Because they are essentially creating a hostile environment.

So today we are supposed to have a talk about everything that's been going on or so the one idiot had told me anyways.  But we'll see what actually happens with all of it.  Like I said though I'm trying to get suggestions from anyone as to what should be said, what route to take or whatever.  Because my main plan was to do what I do and basically show them how stupid they are and if they don't want to listen to anything mention that either the cops will be called or that they will be taken to court for everything if they don't want to listen to reason.
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