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Serious business

So I've not been doing a lot of drawing, lately. This is because I've been working, full time, to get my game playable to the public. I'm really close to having enough for an early alpha demo.

This isn't just one of those "Oh I wanna make a game." type things, or "I bet I could make a lot of money if I make a minimum effort game, utilizing talent I already have and paying other people to code it for me." nor is it going to be one of those pick-it-up-and-play-for-20-minutes-and-hurray-you-win games, either.

Being a game developer is a passion of mine, and a life long dream that I've been looking forward to finally living. I've had to learn a lot and improve my skills just to do this project. On top of that, I'm not just paying other people to make my game for me. I'm actually doing all of the coding and graphics by myself. The only work I'm paying to do are sound effects and music, because I don't do that "Royalty Free" crap...

I can't promise it will be super long, but it's not going to be a typical, short, indie game with a stupid, hipster narrative like many indie devs like to crank out for easy money. I'm not like that. I was planning on putting butt tons of work into it, paying hundreds of dollars for original music, and giving it out for free, but I've gotten rather sick of being poor, so instead, I'm putting butt tons of work into it, paying hundreds of dollars for original music, and giving it out for maybe like 2 dollars. I wanted to sell it for maybe 50 cents, but I'm worried that, with a price that low, people are going to think it's shovelware. I'll still be losing over a thousand dollars working on this, but I think 2 dollars is high enough to avoid looking like a throw-away game, but low enough to be worth a moderately short, moderately challenging and simplistic game.

TL;DR Stop being so lazy and read. For anyone interested in following the progress of my project, visit my blog. I update regularly. http://bastendorfgames.weebly.com/
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5 years, 8 months ago
I you the best on every level in creation of the game
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