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Custom Sale Thumbs, Share Buttons, Search Contact Details

Some very useful updates to report this week!

Share Buttons for Social Networking

Every submission and journal now has “Share” buttons that make it quick and easy to share links to that page via Twitter, Facebook and zillion other networking sites. Just click the Share button on any submission or journal to see the full list of supported sites, or hit the Twitter or Facebook buttons to share via those services instantly.

It also lists the number of times that page has been shared with the various services.

If you see something on Inkbunny that you like, please share a link to it that way. It helps get us more traffic and grow our little site, and it gives the deserving artists more attention too.

Thanks for this idea goes to Toumal and our friends at SoFurry! https://www.sofurry.com/

Search Contact Details

The search box on the “Members” page now hunts through Contact Details, in addition to the user name. That means you can now search for someone based on their FA account name (or other art sites), IM account names, public email, etc. Just stick the name into the search box on the Members page and it searches it all at once!

Very useful for finding artists that may have a different account name between Inkbunny and other sites. Of course it only works if the artists have made those contact details publicly available on IB.

Custom Sales Thumbnails

Artists can now upload a special thumbnail that will show as the “for sale” thumbnail on items that are being sold as Print or Digital. Just go to the “Sales File” management screen to upload a custom Sales thumbnail. This thumbnail appears with the Sales links on the submission, on the Buy page for Print and Digital items, in the customer's Basket and on their Receipt.

Very useful for when the actual item being sold looks a bit different from the free preview image and its thumbnail. One example of this situation would be when the Free/Preview version is watermarked, you don't want the Print Sale thumbnail under it to appear watermarked (because of course the print isn't watermarked when a customer buys it!).

Did that make sense? My head hurts. It's awesome, trust me.

HiRes/Sales files MD5 Listing and Search

Insert technical mumbo jumbo here. Basically all the fun stuff to do with MD5 listing and searching has been extended to include the HiRes/Sales file on any submissions that have those. Just click the “Show” button in the MD5 details section for submissions that have sales versions. For more details, or if this is totally incomprehensible to you, then go here: http://wiki.inkbunny.net/MD5

Thanks everyone!

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11 years, 7 months ago
The rate of improvements to this site is amazing! =D
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