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MLP Fans Must: Concerning the Amniomorphic Spell

In MLPFM S2E04 "Luna Eclipsed" Twilight Sparkle mentions Star Swirl the Bearded who is the father of the Anmiomorphic Spell.

The amnion starts as a small membrane around embryos and in mammals becomes the placenta, and morphic refers to the act of changing. This is referring to changing the entire system that preforms the go between functions of mother and offspring.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!  Being able to magically enhance how the body develops at such an early stage without affecting the embryo itself would allow for expedited evolution without the risk of forced evolution flaws.  Additionally, it would imbue the offspring with a certain amount of magic manifesting based an the preexisting evolutionary needs as prescribed by gene memory...

In other words, this unicorn by enhancing ponies' offspring just after conception enhanced all ponies creating the new subspecies of pony seen currently; he gave the earth ponies nearly endless stamina, he gave the pegasi the ability to walk on clouds and enhance the speed of their flight, he gave the unicorns a level of magic that would surpass himself a few years after birth, which is probably why Twilight mentioned the detail of the fact that Star Swirl's cloak was manually stitched.

I theorize that Star Swirl's spell enhanced the life expectancy of all ponies from a human like expectancy to multiple millennia.  This would explain why Celestia and Luna are the oldest ponies in Equestria; they were his first and most dedicated successes, all other ponies enhancing their pregnancies through this process eventually or the bloodline of those refusing families ceased to be.

Even though I am  still just a fan theorizing... I am still completely blown away because I can't imagine an equally important reason that this spell should be so highly noted.
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
...y'know, that is a very good explanation for 1) why Twilight was able to survive having an anvil and a piano dropped on her head in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" with injuries that healed in a matter of HOURS... 2) why Fluttershy is so afraid of dragons that "could-eat-a-pony-in-one-bite" or, alternatively, why the rest of the mane six treat her fear as irrational: a) Fluttershy's afraid because being devoured and digested is one of the few ways a pony can actually die, or b) the fear is irrational because they can't even die that way.

Also, 3) why Equestria has incredibly long-standing traditions and, despite having pictographic forms of writing, language that has changed less in 1000 years than modern English did in the last 400, 4) why there's a lot of settling and frontier villages; the population expands exponentially. They may eventually need to colonize other planets by spaceship--or more likely, to ensure a rate of expansion that can leave the homeworld with zero population growth, by magic portal. (Or magic spaceship, just like the Draenei.)
7 years, 6 months ago
*bonks you on the head*
You are taking some seriously hard left turns there, foxy.

1- Yes, and why Pinkie Pie can knock on doors with her nose, and why Rainbow Dash can dive bomb a barn at high speed and fly away in one piece.
2- No, Fluttershy is just meek.  No one has stated that ML-Ponies are immortal, and even though that is a possibility, it is too abnormal to consider until hard proof is shown or the writers say it explicitly.
3- Yes, the longer a person's lifespan the slower their language and culture changes.
4- NO!  There are a lot of "settling" villages because they don't NEED to change anything.  Humans solve the majority of their needs with technology, ponies solve most of their needs with magic and team work.  The extra time that they have not-needing to mass produce anything gives them more time to craft their wares into something beautiful; those who do not or don't care for extravagant detail would spend their time perfecting arts and skills: which is why even though Rarity's occupation is a tailor, Fluttershy has equal skill as a hobbyist.
5- From where I come, the average life expectancy is ~4000 earth years.  In one of these lives, my mother only had three children, and none of us three had any.  Assuming Equestria would develop an over population problem is a nearsighted calculation based on human development.
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