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lmfaoooo, fuck this

Clearly someone hasn't grown up: ZERRR. It's funny how you can sit back and report me for character theft for the same shit you said can't be copyrited to another artist on DA. As usual you can't swallow your own advice. "Blowing your ovaries over nothing".

It's sad to see a 27 year old artist who made no improvements what-so-ever in her style (even if i "can't draw", people can at least see I've been IMPROVING for the last 2 years) over the last years, sit on the internet all day, baww about how she has no money and can't get a job because she looks like a 30 year old trying trying to be 16, yet STILL doesn't do the commissions that make her money, sit back and act like a hypocrite.

Long winded summary.

Anyway, go ahead and laugh with yer friends/ass kissers about how you "rule da internets" and how you dun give a fucks, but stay up all night scratching from your paranoia of shit that you say "makes you cooler".

Call me what you want, clone or not, and maybe i am another one of those pathetic people trying to hard (like yourself) but at least i can wake up, go to MY JOB, and laugh at everything on the internet still and not want to kill myself over it. And go figure, I'm YOUNGER THAN YOU.

I think someone got the short end of the stick Zer. But whatever. I don't want to stand around and fight a battle with a 16 year old. I have better shit to do with my time.
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
7 years, 8 months ago
Some people suck?
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