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Updates, Upload for API, MD5s

Hi everyone,

Just some new features and bug fixes to report this week.

Upload for the API

The Inkbunny API is a nifty set of scripts that allow external applications (like phone apps) to connect to Inkbunny directly. We have just added Upload and Edit Submission Details capability to the API. This means that if anyone wants to write external apps to upload or manage submissions on IB, that is now possible.

MD5 Hash / Fingerprints

An MD5 Hash is a special ID code that is generated from the contents of a file. They are a strange string of numbers and letters that you may have seen on other sites or in filenames that look something like this: "6512d65b4f66f2aa56d46ee2a17adeab". For more detailed info about MD5 on Inkbunny, check out the Inkbunny MD5 FAQ.

It is a quick way to identify and search for that same file within Inkbunny or on other Art galleries. Because it calculates the code based on the file contents, it doesn't matter if the file name has been changed.

MD5 Hashes are now listed in the Details section for all submissions on Inkbunny, and you can also search by MD5 Hash on the Search page. There is now a "Find Identical Posts" link alongside the MD5 listing for each submission.

Now that MD5 listing/searching is available through the Inkbunny API, other art sites can now integrate with Inkbunny to instantly cross-link to identical posts, or automatically link to sales versions on IB, etc. There's a whole bunch of interesting new possibilities. We are now in discussions with some other popular art sites to see what cross-site features can be added to benefit the community!

If you are an art site admin and would be interested in working with us to add cross-site functionality, please contact


Here's the detailed list! Revision details and full Development History are always available on the Revisions page.

    * Fixed: "Unread Submissions" counts were going a bit haywire again. We've changed the way those counts are calculated so it should be back to sanity now. Please let us know if your "Unread Submissions" count (in the top menu) and the actual number of Unread Submissions you see don't match.

    * Added: Upload and Editing Submission Details is now possible via the Inkbunny API.

    * You can now search file MD5 Hashes on the Search page https://inkbunny.net/search.php This allows for images to be searched between Inkbunny and other Art sites, and for duplicate uploads of the same work to be found easily. MD5 Hashes and quick duplicate search options are now available in the Details section of every Submission. For more info check out MD5 on Inkbunny.

    * Added: MD5 Hash listing and search capability is now available through the Inkbunny API. For more info check out MD5 on Inkbunny.

    * Thumbnails on the Members list are now all "Medium" size. Bigger is better!

    * In the Members list, latest upload now shows in place of "Featured" if no featured submission is chosen.

    * The "Site Revisions" page has been moved to the Inkbunny Wiki. http://wiki.inkbunny.net/

    * Fixed: "Add to Pools" tickbox showed incorrectly when editing submission details while not in Upload Wizard mode.

That's all! Thanks for your support!

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Added: 11 years, 9 months ago
Site News Item: yes
11 years, 9 months ago
Well, the problem with the MD5 thing is how a site like FA resizes images larger than the pixel size limit, and also converts the image to JPG (if it isn't already).  If FA resized the image and converted the file type, and you have the original uploaded here, the MD5 hashes shouldn't match.  You'd have to make sure that your image isn't resized or converted on FA or Inkbunny to ensure the hashes match.

Unless FA is somehow set to hash the original file before the resize/convert, but that won't be retroactive to already posted stuff.
11 years, 9 months ago
To avoid that problem, we store the hashes of every size we deal with, including the original as it was uploaded. They are all listed and searchable. http://wiki.inkbunny.net/MD5
11 years, 9 months ago
But I'm not talking about Inkbunny resizing.

Let's say I have this image that's 2500x2500 and PNG.  It gets uploaded to FA and changed to a 1280x1280 JPG file.  I then upload the same 2500x2500 PNG file to Inkbunny, and add a larger version for prints.  Now, you described a system where a site like FA could automatically search Inkbunny for a matching MD5 hash and provide links to the Inkbunny submission for print or digital sales.  But the version of the file FA has is a 1280x1280 JPG, while IB has a 2500x2500 PNG, so FA won't find a matching MD5 hash even though the original file uploaded to both sites is the same.
11 years, 9 months ago
Yes but if FA had MD5 and it was coded right, the MD5 would be computed from the original file you uploaded (the PNG). So, just like Inkbunny, the right MD5 would be listed in the system even if the file is changed for display. This is how most sites do it, and then some also list the MD5s of all the resized versions.
11 years, 9 months ago
I know.  But it won't work on already uploaded files.

Okay, fine, I'm making a big fuss over something that's not that important. ^_^;
11 years, 9 months ago
True.. that would be a problem for reposts by fans. But in theory only the original owner is posting here. It would affect "art dump" site though. There are other possibilities to work around that issue, such as when an image gets posted on one site, that site then queries all the others again with the new MD5 to see if the others have "seen" that modified version. But then my head explodes with the complexity. xD
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