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Help us test improved Search

Hi everyone

We have re-enabled some of the Search filter options that were turned off for a long time.


Please go and try out a few searches with various options and let us know any that take a very long time or never complete.

If you find the search running for several minutes or longer, seeming never to finish, that means you have run in to the old bug. You will then need to clear your cookies and log in again as your account will seem locked out otherwise.

A bug in the Postgresql query planner was causing more complex search queries to get stuck in the planner phase for hours. Since the database upgrade it looks like they've fixed those bugs.

Complex searches should now return within a few seconds. Some we have noted can take 20 - 30 seconds which is still not ideal, but at least they complete. We'll keep working on making those much faster.

Thanks for your help!

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Added: 10 years, 7 months ago
Site News Item: yes
10 years, 7 months ago
No problems with obscure searches or broad searches, nor with searches including an artist's name.
10 years, 7 months ago
I'll let you know when I fap to stuff tonight... it's much nicer to get stories here on a DSi than from FA, everything's phrased into text. :D
10 years, 7 months ago
I just used the search engine and had no problems. Thanks so much for this update - it's my favorite so far. :)
10 years, 7 months ago
very quick :D
10 years, 6 months ago
The only issue I've had is if I change the allowed ratings, and I leave for a bit, when I come back they'll sometimes be reversed. Say I'm in a porny mood, so I turn of General, and Mature and Adult violence so I just get nudity and sexual, I leave, come back, and it'll switch to only general and violent.
10 years, 5 months ago
really good sept one thing when trying to use the auto filler thing  it kepy deleting when i pressed enter
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