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My Dog.....


A few days ago ( want to say about Saturday) I bought a pitbull from a local breeder here. My other half and I got the blue pitbull puppy, which was 80% Gotti/20% Edge ( a pretty big sized dog) for around $600.
When we brought him home, he seemed a bit tired and shy ( we have other dogs around, and they are small sized) but later played with our 4 month old Cocker Spaniel and things seemed ok. He threw u one or twice which had me a bit confused, but seeing as I've had a nervous dog in the past who when moved to a new place threw up and then was fine once they settled, i didnt really see a problem. Plus the vomit wasn't bloody or cloudy. We took the puppy Sunday morning back to the breeder who was going to give Apache ( the name the dog actually settled on) the last installment of the Parvo vaccine. That night was when shit hit the fan.

My other half was walking Apache around our yard ( we have a pretty big yard living in the country and all) while I am inside. This is about 10 pm. Next thing I know I'm being told to go outside, and the puppy had had diarrhea, and it was full of blood. I knew what it was right then: he had fucking PARVO. We called the breeder about it, and he said to rush him to the vet first thing Tuesday because the vet currently wasn't in office and there are no offices open after 8 pm here. All night we held the puppy up to give him Gater-ade, and Pedia-lite to keep him from dehydrating, while he still threw up and had some diarrhea. y partner finally called his friends father who is a vet assistant, who told us to rush him to the Emergency Vet Hospital an hour away because he was NOT going to make it to Monday night, because the lethargy was settling in and his reflexes were getting bad.

Then we went to the breeders house and ugh.... All the dogs were either in haphazardly built wood kennel things with wood floors, or on thick chains. A female was locked with a puppy that wasn't even hers.  All the female puppies in the litters were killed. The one female was bred with the 4 males around,  as soon as she weaned one litter he was forcing her to have another. The female was also locked up in a kennel thing too small for her so she couldn't even stand.... The other pups also were showing parvo signs. What pissed me off most was HOW the pups got parvo: the breeder had bought a dog that was a carrier of the disease and instead of quarantining the dog, allowed the puppies he was selling to get around this dog. There was also no grass, just dirt. The dogs had NO water, and only the adults were in good condition.  We forced him to fork over $600 for the price of the puppy, and an extra $1000 for treatment.  WHile we talked, another individual drove up with their puppy: a red red-nose edge who looked even worse than ours. His puppy was having tremors, and seizing out, but couldn't be taken to the vet because the guy spent the last of his money buying the dog for his kids and couldn't even buy gas to make it back over the state line. The breeder was refusing to pay for the red nose to go get treatment, so it is sad to say but I think he died....

UPDATE: Apache has been in the vet center since Monday morning, and is apparently doing ok. He was abd sick last night after seeming to improve, but as of this morning is more alert, his feces becoming thicker, and not throwing up as much. The vet predicts he will be ok soon, and we will be able to take him home.   I am also contacting the ASPCA and the sheriff's department  to shut down this breeder. I don't think the pups can be adopted because they are so sick..so may have to be put down. As for the adults: the female was vicious, ( she bit the breeder while we spoke to him, but my partner was actually able to calm her ( he's great with handling dogs)) and the dog chained up was vicious as well. There was also a red Edge pitbul who's temperment was hard to determine. The adults may all have to be put down as well.
This just made me pissed.....there is no excuse for all this shit...

UPDATE UPDATE: Apache was released from the vet and we've had him about a wee now. He is FINALLY eating real food, and the vet gave us some oral antibiotics. He's still dehydrated, but slowly gaining weight, muscle, and water. AND NO MORE VOMITING OR DIARRHEA.  He's now fat and playful just like he should be.
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