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Role-Playing: Challenge and edits

I feel that my last RP request was a bit presumptuous, so this time, I am issuing a challenge.

Send me a short-ish RP post, with enough information to support who your character is, what the setting is, age, species, etc. and I will be picking a couple to pursue. I'm serious about the open-ended response here. It can be anything you have ever thought up.  As long as it is:

-Grammatically correct down to the punctuation;

-Interesting enough to be pursued;

-Supplied with a concise amount of character development to pique interest;


-Articulate and structurally sound,

I will take a look at it.


           Simon hung down from the ceiling of the laboratory, cursing softly to himself. The young hedgehog was becoming used to the sterile environment at last, although at first the doctors had been wary of his college-boy mindset. But he soon found himself as a handyman with a relatively friendly environment, and a kick-ass starting salary to boot! Grinning, Simon sucked on his cigarette with smug victory, trying to fir the wiring for the broken security camera into the wall. Suddenly, there was a loud snapping sound and a series of sparking bursts from the panel. Simon yelped and his cigarette fell to the ground as a new, electronic smoke filled the air. Clearing away the haze and coughing, the hedgehog glanced down with squinted eyes to see where his precious roll had fallen. He swallowed hard when he caught sight of the ember - right in the mass of biological junk in the center of the room, on the edge of a massive tentacle. This would be the first time he would be in contact with one of the projects the scientists had concocted, if he dared go down, and his mind raced as he wondered how he should proceed...

Okay, that's a bit long. But you get the point.

Please send a PM, and NOT a comment, if you wish to try this out.

Happy noting!


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