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Updates, Rainfurrest, Tweet tweet tweet

Hi everyone,

Back to the Tweet again

The most important news this week is that our Twitter functionality is back. We finally got Twitter authentication working again after they pulled the rug out from under our feet and changed the way their code works.

They now use a thing called OAuth for authentication, which is actually a huge improvement. It means apps like Inkbunny no longer have to see or store your Twitter password.

Everyone who wants Inkbunny to auto-tweet their submissions, journals and streams will need to Re-Authenticate their Twitter accounts using the new system. Full details below in the Updates section!

API Ideas for Coders – Be the first to make an Inkbunny App

With the Inkbunny API just released, Apps on Smartphones can now connect driectly to the Inkbunny core. This means a lot more funky things are possible on your phone that you cannot do with Inkbunny just via the web browser.

Android phones are a very popular kind of smartphone, and are natural fit for Inkbunny. Unlike a certain other popular smartphone, Android doesn't have restrictions on content or what Apps you can write for it.

We'd love to see Android Apps developed that connect directly to Inkbunny. These would allow users to do fun and useful IB-related things on their phone desktop.

Perhaps an instant slideshow of latest uploads by your favorite artists, or a desktop changer that automatically puts your latest favorite up as the background. Maybe even an instant notification system to let you know when there are new watched submissions without having to check the site. The possibilities are endless!

Be the first to release an App like that and you'll be the coolest geek on Inkbunny. We'll promote the hell out of it and you'll receive the people's ovation and fame forever!

Software Updates

* Fixed: Twitter changed the way they allow sites like ours to connect to them to auto-post tweets. We have updated our code to work with their new system. You need to Re-authenticate your Twitter account on the IB Account Settings page. https://inkbunny.net/account.php It will take you to the Twitter site where you then tell Twitter that Inkbunny is allowed to connect to your account.

* Wiki: We moved a bunch of pages over to the Wiki and updated the main menu there. http://wiki.inkbunny.net/ This makes it easier for our staff to update the FAQs and other pages without having to wait for a whole Site Update for the changes to go through.

* API: Added @RyuuKishi's JSONP/Ajax library to the API code examples. Useful for allowing Javascript-based widgets to connect and receive data from the IB API cross-site via Ajax, which is not normally possible due to browser security restrictions.

* New: Moderator tool updates to make it easier for Mods to watch Private items in latest uploads.

A Reminder for Comic/Portfolio artists

Make sure you set the Comic or Portfolio type correctly when you upload your work! If you don't, then your work won't get displayed in the right sections when people are browsing and searching. We've had to rescue a few Comic and Portfolio uploads we noticed still set to “Pinup”.

Comics and Portfolios now have their own special place on the front page. So it's best to make sure you get it right to take full advantage of that extra exposure!

Rainfurrest Furry Convention

Do you live in the US Pacific Northwest? Want something fun to do this weekend? The Rainfurrest Furry Convention is one of the fastest growing cons and is being held at the Seatac Marriott on September 24-26.

More info at http://www.rainfurrest.org/

If you're going along and you get a chance, be sure to tell people about Inkbunny and give them a look at it. That'd really help us out!

When you log in to Inkbunny from a public Internet connection, be sure to use the Fully Encrypted Mode that you can select on the login screen. It's the safest option and stops people from being able to intercept your login details and hijack your account.

Have fun!

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Added: 11 years, 9 months ago
Site News Item: yes
11 years, 9 months ago
Great news as always, Bunny. :D
11 years, 9 months ago
Where is the ability to browse by category (only mature and/or only adult)? I keep being told it's going to be added "soon", but the months go by...
11 years, 9 months ago
Well, it will be ready when it is ready! :)
We have the chance to have developers who are engaged into what they do (unlike FA), so I think it is better to leave them motivated rather than expecting too much from them in so few time. The feature will come. :)
11 years, 9 months ago
It's strange to consider it expecting "too much" considering how simple a thing it would be to implement, compared to all of the things they've actually been implementing. Hell, the functionality is likely already pretty much there on the backend, since you can set a flag to view only general-rated art. How long could it possibly take to expand that functionality to three checkboxes, one for each rating (general, mature, and adult), so users can decide precisely which ratings of art they're interested in?
11 years, 9 months ago
It's one of a zillion "it'd be cool, but the site is usable without it" features that will get added eventually. There's about 300+ features and bug entries in our task tracker. Filtering searches by rating will get done when all the more important tasks before it are done first. But it is there in the list and its time will come.
11 years, 9 months ago
I should add (for anyone that doesn't know) you can already already filter out what don't want to see, sitewide, by going to your Allowed Ratings page which is accessible via Account Settings. https://inkbunny.net/account.php

This is subtly different to what damnedfurry wants to do, which is to show only images of a particular rating type during an image search.
11 years, 9 months ago
By "subtly different", you mean "the exact opposite of what damnedfurry specifically wants to do", which is filter out the general rating. :P What you describe is just the "keep our asses out of legal hot water" side of the same general functionality.

Say what you want about how important or unimportant this feature is considered--its absence makes this site inferior to FA for anyone who wants to customize their browsing.
11 years, 9 months ago
Seeing General rated images in your searches causes you so much trouble? You're the only person I can remember who has asked for the feature. Yet I have made sure it is in our list. Like I've said it's in a huge long list behind a lot of MUCH more important things. It will get added eventually.

Being able to filter out content based on keywords and ratings sitewide was a much more highly demanded feature. We implemented it in the early days. We also have much more fine-grained definitions between sex and violence in image ratings, without lumping it all together in broad rating categories. FA does not have these features, or in fact anything like the kind of control we offer here. People comment frequently on how these browsing and content control features are one of the big attractions to using our site.
11 years, 9 months ago
I suggest that for now you search by popularity. This will get you most of what you want, since adult images are very popular, and perhaps also some works you didn't know you wanted, but which are worth your time to look at.
11 years, 9 months ago
As stated above, I used the term “too much” because Inkbunny seems a very dynamic website, so it must have a big backlog of features and bug issues. I knew you might not know the machinery behind such a big website must be hard to maintain.
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