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The Fox And The Coon

I have already discussed part of this with someone in PM, not like the conversation had to do with this subject really. Did but didn't.
It sounds like a cool idea though, so I'll be turning that over in my head for a while.
The other-one is, both Fursonas fooling around at a time soon after FievelJ grows to 3 feet tall.
Miles Tails solo for the Raving Raichu series is started. I had been wanting to get Yiffy, and then suddenly wrote some stuff. What I wrote I wasn't sure where I was going with, till I got done with what I was doing Yiffy wise.

The Fox And The Coon, involves a 5-year-old Miles Tails, and a 10-year-old Raccoon... because of my characters young age, the Raccoon and I are almost the same size. When the raccoon sees me, he's frightened, and then runs and hides under the porch of the elder couple who are currently taking care of me, kinda like their pet.
The raccoon only had an understanding as far as knowing we're suppose to be chasing each other, but doesn't understand why. My character somewhat understands I'm suppose to be chasing after the raccoon too, but it's not like I understand either, being half his age.
We start playing, as we suggest to each other, that I should chase after him. When I catch up to him however, I haven't a clue what it is we're suppose to do next.
We end up tickling each other, and playing... as we play in ways which would be considered sexual.
Him and I only has a vague idea of the fact that it is sexual, if we even understand it at all... but we do like it.

This actually if I wasn't borrowing the Tails idea from Sonic The Hedgehog, would be a really cute Disney idea.
Minus the sex of course, it would make for a really cute Disney movie, as two creatures get along like best friends, who shouldn't probably ever get along so well.
This kind of journal from me is probably needed from time to time, just to show example of the fact I can write in terms of (General Audience)

The person who helped inspire this doesn't really need to be mentioned, but I am anyway.


And before we begin playing, we do mention this to each other.
"Hi I'm Miles Tails."

"Well I'm FoxWolfie, but I'm beginning to check my brain."

"For what exactly?"
I asked.
"For the fact I probably shouldn't be roaming around here in the first place."
FoxWolfie gave me a shivering smile, as his nerves hadn't quite calmed yet.
As long as Miles is in it, it'll be going to my other IB account. Yes I will though post a link on this side.
This one though will probably be a blank file, with a link, rather then posting up the story.

(Anything and everything which has Miles Tails in it, will go on that side.
My idea of this user name, and my other doing things, will be posted on both sides, being relevant on both accounts.)

Just remembered what I was originally gonna type, before I coughed and then forgot. (Damn Cold.)

isn't too keen on the scat aspect, I'll be skipping that completely in this one. He's like me in many ways, as I only get into something he does not, in very specific ways.
I am much more for the (Watersports Kink,) so this doesn't bother me in the least.
Probably during playing and tickling is when certain things will start.
If I were to write a G rated one, we would end up rolling down a hill, and then end up in some sort of pond or something.

Opinions Welcome.
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