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Kitty Update: Promo GO!

What's up everybody?  Just for a brief update RL-wise, things are kinda slow around the house.  I've yet to hound the jobs that I've applied to because I waiting for the right moment to do so.  If all goes well, one of my roommates will have a used car by the end of the month.  If that works, THEN I can call to see if I can get an interview to hopefully land the job and work with no scheduling conflicts what so ever.  Another thing is that I may have actually found a new Time Sweeper.  Let's just say that I'm going to need some bling to fit the sweeper's theme. :P  I also want to put together an interesting concept to at least show some appreciation to
's School Days by actually dressing the part....No, not naked with Edna =>.<;=  I mean in school uniform.  The only issue is finding blue slacks.  But if there are any other fursuiters that are willing to do this, go for it.  I've never seen anybody in any outfit that depicts any furry stories or comic book series.  It's like Cosplaying, but in a full-on furry sense.  Okay, time for promos!

Promo #1 - Mash-Ups Galore
As some of you may know, I fool around with musical concepts and mash-ups.  Lately I've been doing mash-ups of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 along with the character's original themes from back in the day.  However, I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to post them here considering that they're both from original games with the exact same style, not to mention that I have used original concept art from Capcom as a thumbnail.  So if you want to take a good listen, head over to my channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/frostcat.  I should be able to rearrange my playlist once their maintenance is complete.

Promo #2 - The AC Video you wanted to see
After months of waiting, the leader of furry video and icon of many to come Big Blue Fox has released the Anthrocon 2011 video.  It's still taking a while for me to download both parts.  So depending on the format, it's going to be big. Pounce this link and prepare for the randomness.
Username - bbfvideo
Password - nomnom

dmk and kuroryushin-kuma are staring up their Iron Artist slots.  Click on theses links here <- and -> here to check out their pricing and details.  Just keep note of a few of things.  One, DMK has evolved over the past couple of years and his art is improving, for those that question his art.  Two, even though I'm for the Inkbunny Revolution, since they are my roomies I wanted to lend a hand.  And three, for those that keep tabs on DMK, thanks to Kuroryushin, he has a spare tablet to work with.

*Your shamelessly plugged kitten*

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7 years, 8 months ago
hope they get a good car and ya get the job...best of luck to ya dude
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