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Figure Review: Eggman with Egg Fighters

Alright, my newest acquisition leaves me only 2 figures away from completing the Generations collection (Classic Amy and Supersonic) It's Eggman with 2 Egg Fighters.  The packaging features a very nice screenshot of Spagonia, and this Eggman is identical to previous releases, back when he came with Metal Sonic.  Of course, like all the other generations figures this guy comes with badniks, so are these Egg Fighters as good as Metal Sonic?  Read on to find out.

The short answer, no, they aren't as good as Metal Sonic.  OF COURSE THEY AREN'T!  Metal Sonic is one of the coolest figures in the entire series and nobody can hold a torch up to him, but you DO get 2 of them, which compensates somewhat (this 3 pack costs the same as that 2 pack did.)  But these guys are the clear winners among the generations badniks.  Do I even need to talk about the sculpt?  I'm pretty sure Jazwares feeds the 3-D models from the games into a machine that fabricates them, so it's pretty much spot on all the time.  The paint apps are simple but effective, with most of the important details picked out in grey with red eyes (might have been better if they were picked out in chrome, but I think that costs more.)  Where these guys win is articulation, Pawn and Robo only have cut shoulders, which the Fighters share, but they also have a neck, and BALL JOINTED wrists and waists.  They also win in height, at 2.75 inches they're the tallest badnik figures so far.

Final verdict, I don't know if I can recommend this over the Eggman/Metal pack, since Metal Sonic is just that cool...and it's not like anyone needs a second Eggman (of course I can always use him to make a custom of Eggman Nega, Zobotnik, El Gran Gordo, or a few others, but that's just me) but the fighters are cool badnik toys, so if you want to complete your badnik collection go ahead and pick it up.
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
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