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Story Packs :3

So I'm new to Inkbunny (and SoFurry, too, actually) and I'm just getting my bearings here, but I've been around FurAffinity for quite a while. I'll be uploading some of my older stories here every week, so stay tuned for those if you haven't seen them  yet on FA! But since I'm branching out, I might as well post about my latest projects here as well!
I'm currently working on Story Packs - Macro, Vore, and General Sexiness - which you can currently pre-order for $5 each or $12 for all three. Neo is doing artwork for each story, and if you pre-order, you will get to see exclusive previews of the stories and art as the project progresses! :3  
Also, when you pre-order, you'll get to participate in a special bonus story in each pack you purchase! So if you pre-order the macro pack, for instance, your character will get a small part in a macro-themed story as a bonus! It's my way of saying thank you! NOTE: This is optional only...if you don't want your character to participate, you can chose not to.
Pre-order Prices: Individual packs are $5, the entire pack is $12. If you're interested in pre-ordering, have any questions, or have an idea for the pack, send me a note! I can accept PayPal, AlertPay, and now Moneybooker.  
Prices will go up after the work is complete and again once Neo and I have finalized the costs for the art. But pre-order now and you're done - you will NOT have to pay any extra, even when the price goes up!
PLEASE NOTE: While I would rather receive cash payment, I am open to discussing trades, either of work or goods. Serious offers only, though; sorry, no trading for rps.
The stories listed below are definitely scheduled to be included and are in various states of progress - and one is already complete! - but I WILL be adding new stories as time goes on. I am very much open to new ideas for each pack, so if you have an idea for a story, or just an idea of what you'd like to see (like "mega-macro growth," for example), NOTE ME and I'll add it! I want to make these as entertaining and varied as possible! :)
MACRO PACK - Stories containing male macro growth and sex, all consensual.
1. "Neon Tiger" - macro growth - A young delivery man named Kindle longs to catch the eye of one of his customers, so when he gets the opportunity to make a big impression, he jumps at it. But he gets much more than he expected...
2. Ursa Major - mega-macro growth - Garrett the bear makes a "silly" wish on a star, only to have it come true!
3. Trigger Happy - shrinking, macro/micro, male/male - What happens when a repressed little guy gets his hands on a shrink ray that can bring anyone down to size?
4. Huge - muscle growth, hyper, macro - Eric discovers a new energy drink, Huge Energy, which produces some surprising results!
5. Rate of Exchange - growth, shrinking, size difference - in a world where size brokers could give you the body of your dreams, what price would you be willing to pay to get big? And what would happen if you couldn't hold up your end of the bargain?
6. Monkey Business - male/male, macro - The big boar Roy finds himself reduce to a plaything when an amorous giant ape named Duncan claims him as his own!
7. Cosmic - male/male, romantic, mega-macro - How can a normal fur make a relationship work with a god?
Bonus - Pre-orders Only - Scenes from the Attack - There's a massive tiger heading through the city...and he just might have his eye on YOU.
VORE PACK - Stories predominantly revolving around vore. May also include sex, macro growth, and other things.
1. Apex - macro, growth, vore - A young hyena finds he has some unusual appetites, that lead to some unexpected growth!
2. Feral - macro, feral, vore, light watersports, muscle growth - Rumors of strange experiments in the desert seem to be confirmed when a gigantic creature goes on a rampage through the city.
3. The Hunger - macro/micro, vore - Sheriff Tobias is called in to investigate some strange local disappearances, but the creature he discovers lurking in the woods may be more than anyone can handle!
4. Raiding the Fridge - macro growth, vore - Garett's evening snack raid at the base tursn to chaos when he swallows a new biological weapon...one that leaves him with a growing hunger...
5. Genie in a Bottle - cock vore - Tobias makes a deal with a mischievous god to have all the power and sex appeal he could want...for a price.
6. Thrown to the Wolf - size difference, vore - In a small village in the mountains, a sacrifice must be made...
Bonus - Pre-orders Only - Chow Time - A monstrous mutt breaks free of his chain and starts looking for his next meal...and you just might be on the menu!
GENERAL PACK - contain male/male sex of all kinds, including hyper, romantic, chaotic, etc. May contain some elements of the other two (mouth play, general growth).
1. Forbidden Planet - male/male - The explorer team is forced to land on a mysterious, uncharted planet. It seems like a peaceful enough place, and an afternoon of exploring leads to some amorous adventures. But is it just romance, or is there something sinister in the air?
2. COMPLETE Intellectual Masturbation - solo, male, hyper - Bradley decides to test a new enhancement drug...on himself! PREVIEW: (on FA) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/6598809/
3. Use Your Words - growth/shrinking, feral, mouth play, muscle grwoth...you name it! - from a journal entry posted earlier this year, involving a magic trinket that washes up on the shore and an annoyed tigeryena who accidentally wreaks havoc with it.
4. Death and the Furry Soldier - sheathe/sac play - Based loosely on the old folk tale. A tiger soldier cheats death and receives an interesting ability from him, one which he puts to good use...until things get out of hand.
5. Honey Suckle - oral, male/male - Albert the rat specializes in little herbs and whatnots to stimulate sexual drives. And when he sets his sites on Garrett, the big bear will get more than a taste of honey.
6. Chain of Command - male/male, dominant/submissive - Before he was the captain of his own ship, Tobias was stationed under the watchful, lusty eye of his own captain...and a very dominating general.
7. His Muse - male/male - Shepard can't find inspiration for his painting until a lion catches his eye...
8. Balls Out - hyper, male, solo - Kindle quickly discovers the advantages of a pair of "package boosting" underwear.  
Bonus - Pre-orders Only - Club Foxfire - The hottest club in town has a special little secret, and no one who enters will go home alone...
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