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Part Deux of my plans...

Well I've pretty much confirmed myself that I will be using the CreateSpace service to publish my work from here on in.

Another thing I will tweak in my plan is to break them down into their own genres...

My Straight stories, my Gay stories, and my Lesbian stories.

20 stories or less, per book. Mayhaps 5-10 instead, for brevity.

It just seems too weird to have one book of 20 stories where three of them are gay, one of them is lesbian, and the rest are straight.

I intended to make it like a volume series, where I could have 100 stories and they're all a medley of Vol. 1, Vol. 2, etc., but it would be better to have a mother series that has three different orientations, so those who buy their pick gets the most of it.

Therefore, my plans to publish have been delayed ahead of time, but that's perfectly alright. That means more shit for me to write; to therefore follow the conviction as I intend.


I know I have put out two rape stories in my lifetime (one I created a long time ago as a teen [sadly enough it involved all sorts of injury because it was a war-themed thing, a commando chick getting raped and beat up by the enemy], another one is a revision I did this year of a classic piece of Furry erotica), but they will not go into the press, even as they are finished.

I'm not totally denouncing the theme as a whole (because part of the thrill in erotica is imagining situations that otherwise would never happen to unearth a kink like that, and hey, no one is really getting hurt anyway), but rape is a serious subject matter I don't want to toy with very much in writing literature (unless it's superficial, like aliens or whatever). I know I have freedom of expression, and who knows, there's probably publishers who deal with rape erotica, but my career comes first. I want to be known for "TV-Repairman" style or passionate erotica.

So I wish for stories like that or otherwise to remain online where I know I have the right audience; and meantime, a salable, tangible book that I want to use to enter the public eye with can have more lighthearted stuff, which is all I really want to write these days anyway, now that I have a platform.

In short...

3 Genres. 10-20 stories. All light-hearted or dramatic, but nothing grotesque. Will see the printer.

Everything else (sketch stories, vignettes, stories of unusual bent that I otherwise would not want on the press, etc.) remains here online.

I must say, I actually like doing this whole project of writing collections of short stories better than writing novels, because writing novels is a PITA. I've tried it and didn't feel for it; to have to come up with a story large enough. A collection of short stories makes up for this.

Let's do it...


Holy shit, scratch everything.

It'd be better to do them in volumes.


What about my "Above and Beyond the Call of Booty" story? It involves gay before straight.

Volume-based literature it is.


It still won't make sense.

I'll keep out what doesn't belong in any of the 3 genres, because they are specific markets. lol
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Added: 8 years, 4 months ago
8 years, 4 months ago
You have thought this through! It should do well. :3
8 years, 4 months ago
Thanks haha

The sad thing is, that's not even half of it; lol

It's my structurist mindset making everything clean, comprehensible, and concise as possible for a solid sales platform as I get serious with writing. The good news is, 20 stories makes for a nice thick 200+ page book (similar to 20 chapters), but I still feel very weird mixing it through like this; unless I chuck it aside and make the 3-genre compilations as intended, and leave out the ones that won't fit in.

Which is why I'm on my way to repairing my old website at Furtopia (since their update that now allows me more control). On the side of having books, I can use a Wordpress system to pretty much make an electronic anthology of every single damn thing I write, no matter how provocative or awesome, cleanly categorized and able to be updated on a whim. Assuming I go the way of like, weekly webcomics or whatever, update some times a week with a new story, grow some traffic, and perhaps make money, not by selling a book, but through the blogging.

And then people get to leave comments, votes, and such. :3=
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