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House Problems

Ok, no more mister nice guy.  there are way way too many issues in this house, it should never have passed the home inspection.  The home inspector missed so many things that i've been finding.  I shouldn't be finding these things.

In no particular order, here are the problems so far:

~ the air intake and the exhaust for the furnace and hot-water tank are 1: too close together: and 2: vent out onto, draw in from just above the deck.
~there is either air or moisture movement in behind the vapor barrier in the basement.
~ the wiring in the basement is suspect at best; it looks like it was done by a fly by night contractor who doesn't know how to run wiring
~ the studs in the basement are too far apart.  they should be 14 or 16 inches apart, they range from 16 to 26 inches apart.
~ some of the studs in the basement aren't actually held in place by anything
the light fixtures in the basement are wired wrong.  they are aluminum to copper, which by code states that they must use a special marrette  and anti oxide grease on all the connections (this prevents the aluminum and the copper wire from reacting to each-other since they are two different metals, you get what's called a bi-metallic current induced in the wire which can lead to bad stuff happening)
~ the heating ducts for the basement are all in the ceiling, and so is the cold air return (this is soo fucking wrong it makes me want to beat the ever loving shit out of whoever did it)

~ the lights on the main floor are all wired wrong home jobs. all of them are aluminum to copper wire, and are the wrong marrettes
~ all the light switches and wall sockets are using what are called quick connects, these are useless and should be illegal to use. (it's a spring loaded clip inside the plug/switch that heats up and opens up causing a short)

~all the existing lighting on the upper floor is wrong (anything I haven't re-placed, or re-wired)

~ the master bathroom light fixture is too far over the bathtub, is not a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) fixture, and is therefore not safe to use over a tub area.
` the master bathroom fan vents into the ceiling, there is no duct for it to blow air into and exhaust the bathroom.

Adding up the total for fixing all these issues, is going to be more than $10,000. at least that's what my intuition is telling me.  So much for having savings,

I really don't want to find more, i know i will once i start opening up walls and alike.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
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