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FurFright Meme

Where are you staying?:
iffyjottere, Mustel, and Zarphus apartment.

How are you getting there?:
Taking the Train there and going by car back home.

What day are you getting there?:

How long are you going?:

Who will you be with?:
Whoever I know that I come across.

What is your gender?:

How old are you?:

How tall are you?:

What suits will you have?:
None. Don't have one. No matter how much I have dreamed of having one for more than the last 10 years one has yet to materialize.

Can I touch you?:
If it's a hug sure.

Can I talk to you?:
Sure. Though don't be surprised if I am a little silent at first if I don't know you or barely know you. I may talk a good bit online but am actually quite shy in person until I get to know you a bit better in person.

Can I take pictures with you?
Sure I guess if you really want. Not sure why you would want to though.

Are you nice?:
Yup. Very. Just shy.

Are you cliquey?:
Not really no.

Can I stalk you?:

Can I buy you lots of drinks?:
Maybe a drink. Would probably feel bad if you bought me a lot. I am weird that way >.>

Can I hug or snuggle you?:
I do love hugs and snuggles. Just make sure I know you first.

Do you do trades?:

Do you have an artist table?:

Do you like parties?:
I love parties. As long as theres people I know there.

What should I not do around you?:
No groping or anything naughty please.

If I see you, how should I get your attention?:
Just say "Hey Tails." or tap me on the shoulder or something. Also please don't be offended if you know me and I don't necessarily recognize you. If your someone ive barely spoken to or haven't spoken to in a very long time I may not remember you. Sadly my memory is not very good anymore.
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
Looking forward to meeting you. :)
7 years, 6 months ago
Hope you have oodles of fun. [hugs]
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