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C-C-Combo Journal! (Laid Off, Upcoming Birthday, Furfright)

- JOB -

So about a week ago I lost my job~  Got laid off due to a bunch of locations consolidating into one location and the overall number of positions being reduced and I was one of the people not kept.  That's the short version anyway, and really all the detail that matters. XD  I called about another position with my company, but nothing has panned out there.  For now I'm planning to just enjoy some time off and a little vacation, since I have a good amount of money saved up, and can afford to do so.  I'm gonna wait until at least after I get settled back in after Furfright to start job hunting.  Don't worry about me though, I'm gonna be totally fine!  I could honestly probably live for over a year with no income and still cover all my expenses.  So don't feel sorry for me or anything, I'm actually quite happy right now to have all this free time.  I'm just going to have to cut back on my usual commissioning habits. XP And also eat out less.  XD


I normally don't do this, and haven't for the past few years, but I thought I'd go ahead and mention this year, that my birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks. XD It's on October 11.  Considering that I usually don't even mention it's coming, I don't care if people don't do anything for me, I just thought I'd mention it in case anyone wanted to know.  Sometimes people tell me they wish they'd known, after the fact. >.>


Even though I am currently unemployed, I had already pre-registered for Furfright and have roommates sorted and stuff, so I'm still going to be attending Furfright.  Anyone else who'll be there, well.. I'll see ya there!  It's the same week as my birthday so that's kinda nifty, I guess. XD


I guess I may as well mention this here too as long as I've got a combo journal going. XD   sparkythechu and I recently, this past week, decided to start up a new community for fans of pokémon macro and/or vore.  Originally it was just going to be a new place to chat, but we're going to get a forum up for it eventually too. XD  The chat is located on IRC at irc.bigfurs.com @ #bighungrypokemon (Tutorial on how to connect using mIRC), and the web site will be at http://www.bighungrypokemon.com X3  I know it might seem kinda similar to the Hungry Pokémon forums in concept, but we wanted something that would cater to macro pokémon as well, and even support macro pokémon without vore involved.  Plus to be honest I've always disliked web based chats, and could never bring myself to hang around in the one at the HPF. XD  So if you're interested, come check us out.  The IRC has been really active since we started it up. :3  All pokémon and non-pokémon are welcome as long as you enjoy either macro pokemon or pokévore!  Either on their own or combined!
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
Well, it's good to know that you'll be okay, little bro. I'm glad to see you'll enjoy some time off, and find it interesting our B-day's are in the same month. Maybe I'll have a little sketch for you this year! ^^
7 years, 9 months ago
I hope you stay well, happy early birthday.
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