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A possibility with Lulu?

Firstly, I'm still waiting for a confirmation from the Lulu staff, regarding my inquiry on their policies for erotica. When I get the news, I'll share it.

Until then, here's another post.

It's endless what levels of Porn I've found across the Lulu service that are in public view and available. I even noticed some are backed by publishers and not the authors themselves.

I've been on a hunt for a new place to POD my work (coming across another service, Wordclay) and still found nothing, but fortunately enough, I found links similar to this one:


Apparently, they reprogrammed the settings so that Mature works are sold via "Direct-Access", which means I have to provide a specific link to the customers. So in theory, we can publish through Lulu, only through that setting.

Now I'm not going to do anything until after I hear from Lulu, but if the news is positive and I can publish my work there, I'm going to have to (yet again) do some more restructuring with my sales platform.

I plan to release 3 more of my standard-issue stories here on IB, making a full 20, fully shareable or salable. Every one after that (along with the 20) will be purchase-only. I want to get serious in having a much more accessible (and tangible) sales platform.

I will still continue sharing the sketch-stories and vignettes here, since they are extremely small-time and I sell 'em for $1 here. As well, I would love to get the publicity here and wherever else I can go. I'm looking into Literotica, Sexytails (believe it or not, it's not Furry), etc.

I would use SoFurry, but I feel it lost its roots from YiffStar, which 'meant' to do literature; now it's like another FA.

I feel very astray right now, especially since I just finished retooling my website in trying to reorganize for my talent, but otherwise, I'm looking forward to the progress. The sooner the better.
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Added: 8 years, 4 months ago
8 years, 4 months ago
Lulu is just so contradictory. It hurts my brain. xD I would not be surprised if you never hear from the staff, or you get some vague answer that doesn't actually answer anything. I think it's one of those situations where they decide "we don't officially allow porn and we nuke it when we 'see' it or someone complains, but we don't actively police this policy because we like the $$$ that the porn brings in".
8 years, 4 months ago
Dude, if I owned Lulu, from the business side of things, I'd either open up a separate publishing house with the same functions, adults-only, or start setting some flags that denote what's adult and what's not. Porn makes money, and there's no reason to cut it off if you're a company that promotes free reign to publish, especially when there is a genre as large as Erotica.
8 years, 4 months ago
I know.. it is weird. Imagine the money Paypal, Lulu and other companies would make by letting go of those restrictions. The "it's high-risk business" is a bullshit excuse especially from a company like Paypal because they are happy to be used for transactions on things like Ebay, which is full of fraud and disputed payments.
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