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Finishing chapters

When I finish writing a whole chapter I go through a little list in my mind.

the first thing I do it read it again, and fix any errors or anything that i think could sound better.

then I check how many pages it is. for the story im working on I guess around 5 pages is acceptable.

But more importantly, I go back and think. 'have I wrote everything that needs to be said for this character, or part of the story?

If the answers no, I get in there and add everything so what I know, is what the audience also knows.

Sometimes you take it for granted in your mind, but if you go back and realize 'oh wait people dont know that!' then you need to add it in elegantly somehow!

Another thing is that, later in the story you may wish to add something, like a plot device or checkov's gun. Checkovs gun is when you put something in that the audience will read and be like 'Oh somethings going to happen with that later in the story!' like gun that you know is going to fire before the end of a play!

You may feel you need to add more depth to your characters and give them personality quirks, but if you add to much, then the audience can get confused or ever fustrated.

So dont make your character a robot pirate monkey ninja wizard with abandoment issues and deep wishes and quirky catchphrases. There is a limit to everyting! Variety is the spice of life, but nobody likes 15 spices at once!
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