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Comission Slot News (A MUST READ)

Okay! So now that the slots are done (which I wish I had done sooner lol) I can reopen again! Huzzah! =3

NOTE: This stuff won't take affect juuuuuust yet. I will start doing this routine in about a week or so. So this is to help you all get an idea for what's ahead.

So, for all those who have asked and asked for comissions, now the time approaches to start bugging me again hehe. But, I must of course give you the proper way to bug me. And to help enlighten a bit on what will be happening this time with comissions and how it will also affect the future weeks to come. Even sketchmissions will be adjusted too. Big changes, so make sure you pay attention. ^_^

We'll start with the news of how the week days will play out. I have done sketchmissions from 7pm to 9pm (sometimes 10 pm) Pacific Standard Time on Mondays-Thursdays. This will CHANGE! I will now place Thursdays as the livestream "Comissions Day". Basically, it will act the same as the Sketchmissions, but whatever the current comissioner is on the slots will have their piece worked on that day. I know you comissioners can't always be there at times to watch, but I can't really afford to shuffle this around. I am mainly doing this because it will help me get a routine to doing them as well as give people a chance to watch what I do for full blown stuff. I apologize if the timing is a bit inconvinient for those in different time zones, but remember you can always ask me to email progressions if you wish on the piece to then give feedback for me when I continue.

So, if you pop in on Mondays-Wednesdays you'll be there for Sketchmissions! These will be altered slightly, where I'll now give a better range for people to estimate how much they wish to spend for the amount of time and effort needed. I'll place an example soon for what to expect. Basically, there'll be a range of qualities to choose from, and each one will be mapped out to pick from. And for those not sure what Sketchmissions are all about, it's a time where when you come in you ask me to put your name down. I will have a list on hand and when you ask your name goes on the bottom. As I work, I move down the list as much as I can in a night. Sometimes a person on the list may not show up at their time, which just means I pass over them and continue down and see if they show up later in the eve or the next day. I will hold peoples names on the list for about a week (unless something came up and you let me know ahead of time for what to expect on your time to come). HOWEVER, if you know you can't make it to watch, you can send me a note and I'll record your name down and do it when the time comes without you there. The price list will be posted soon on the newer update, but if you come in before then and want to know prices and such, please feel free to ask me in the chat. I'll do my best to explain. Payment is done around the time from when I begin to when I end the piece. I don't want to have payments come in early, and any payment that comes late I would prefer to avoid. If something happens, I understand and can wait till you are alright with being able to cover it with paypal. I send the sketches via email when they are done, but only when a payment is cleared. So I just hold onto them until you're ok with the payment and then I send it along with no worries.

Full Comissions will soon be done on Thursday evenings. This will be whomever I have at the top slot and has cleared payment with their paypal. The Comission slots will not have a cap, so it may get quite large. NOW, here's the part where you need to make note. If you want a slot, all you have to do is note me saying that. Don't give me descriptions on what you want, just let me know you want a spot. I'll record the names down in the order I receive the notes. I won't ask for payment until your name has reached the top. When you are the top, I will note you and ask you to send me the details on the piece you want. This will be the time to ask questions to help clarify anything you may need to know as well as making sure you're ok with the pricing. Once the idea is settled and the payment is cleared, I'll begin on your piece the next available Thursday. Granted, I can and sometimes will work on these during my spare time on other days, but Thursday evening I will dedicate to doing in the time alloted. I will also make a submission post to show you guys an idea of what the price mapping will be. Anything you think of that seems to not fit with the list, just feel free to ask me and we'll work something out. Again though, no notes yet. I'll make a journal for when that time comes. I promise. =)

For those of you who don't know, I'll let ya know the rules of what I don't do. I DON'T draw: adult/mature females ( I -might- but not guaranteed do clean female figures. Still debating this just to let ya know), heavy vore, heavy gore, or scat. Other then that, you're pretty much a-okay.

SOOOOOOOO now that you all have a forecast of what's to come, be very very aware of the next few things that get posted. Remember, don't worry about asking for full comissions juuuuuuuust yet. In time once the price mapping is down I'll make a journal to guide you to it and the sketchmissions. Hope you all find this news well and looking forward to working with you guys soon. TAKE IT EASY! =D
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
Mon-wed = sketchstreams
No tits.
Pay when Sparky starts drawing or you don't get it sent to you when he's done and we all point at you and laugh 'cause you're a tard.
Get your name on list and it'll stay there for a week then fall off.
First in line that's actually there when the stream starts gets drawn.

Thursdays are regular commissions.
7 years, 9 months ago
Hehehe that's the short and sweet version.  Hence you're the writer and me the drawer. ^_^
7 years, 9 months ago
You just padded it out with politeness, Bud.
I can afford to be curt since I'm da CURmudgeon.
7 years, 9 months ago
this helped soo much hahaha
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