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Kitty Update: Discorded Rambling Update

Sup everyone.  Been a while since I've actually updated.  Seeing that this is a major update throughout the overall past months, I'll be posting this on Inkbunny and LiveJournal.

My first thing to talk about is my RL situation.  Last year in December, I've agreed to move to my sister's place so I can try to get back on my feet.  Throughout the applications and calls I rarely got any interviews and even those won't get past the first one.  Granted, I did enjoy having the place to myself during the day, playing on the Xbox, watching furry streams and freely browsing with no interruptions.  That and I was finally able to keep touch base with my family too after so long.  Only now I have permission from my mom that I can move back to my apartment with my mate and fellow furry roomies.  Although I loved coming back to
and everyone else, not many others will be fond of that.  My brother and a few furs that have been following my entries even though they don't reply.

My only gripes also leads to the fact of barely getting any reply's for me and Blaze LiveJournal wise.  It appears that it got to the point of no one even caring about us anymore as if we don't exist.  But I don't mean from anybody.  I mean from furs that know us for who we are and not by spread rumor from long ago.  That is why I've decided not to post much there and only post to Inkbunny.  My other random thoughts were to actually move to another state.  Preferably Florida where my brother and his wife moved to early this year.  Even though I might have a better chance to land a job, meet new furs, and venture to new cons, I'll worry too much about Blaze and my brother is thinking about starting his own family.  The last thing I want to do is intrude on my brother's love life as well as being the babysitter in the years to come.

Another rambling thought that comes to mind is those that know my issues and wanted to help.  IE, pull me away from Blaze.  (Referring to events at FCN)  While noted that I can get a job in the city or someplace else, my main priority will be securing a place for myself and then having my mate to move in with me.  No way will I ever leave him behind unless he says so.  Another thing swirling in the back of my mind at the subject is this.  "You know my position, you know the situation and the potential that I possess.  If you know a better way to help me get a job, have a spot for me to crash at that way I can commute from your place to the city or if you want to offer me a few bucks here and there, why not throw me a line and actually help me?  But then again, what are the chances of THAT ever happening?"  Just saying.

Lately there's been a few journals about the famed My Little Pony and everyone's reactions about it recently.  Now knowing that there are bronies in the fandom *brohoofs* it seems the the rest of the furry fandom hates, nay, despises it.  This confuses the hell out of me.  I can understand fully if other fads hates us.  From Trekies, Star Wars geeks, Otakus, DnD/RenFare goers to even Brony only groups, they don't like us.  Some of them don't want to have any part of furry period because of our everyday news rep and rumors flying around.  To me that's okay.  I'm normally be like "We are the outcasts from the everyday society.  FEAR US!"  I get a kick out of it.  But for us to hate them is kind of like shooting yourself in the foot.  Especially if it's MLP.  Really?  Why?  Crappy/half-assed animation since it's flashed based? Too popular than yourself?  Too Girly?  What happened to the "Real men wear pink" shirts?

What I'm getting to is that Furry is known to integrate itself to every known thing that exists by picture story and the like.  How did that interview with Kage and KuddlePup go?  "Other groups are focused on that one particular thing while furries are mainly focused on each other admiring and caring for one another."  Something along those lines.  My main thing is, and I will quote the one reporter that expressed himself about Prop 8.  "There is so much hate in the world."  And that's the peeve that bugs me the most.  No matter what anyone is into, someone just has to bitch about it for retarded and invalid reasons.  It's like Bronies in the fandom are the next babyfurs or cub porn in general.

You know what I should do to piss everyone off?  I should have my mobian fursuit head on wearing a Bleach Squad Captain top wearing a diaper with a Rainbow Dash cutie mark in the middle wearing black prop sunglasses implying "Deal With It!"

All in all, I have no clue about what will happen in my future.  All I know is that I'll live it my way.  If I'll ask my family for help, I'll ask.  If anyone or any fur is willing to help me, then more power to you.  But I won't change who I am as a result.  Now if you excuse me, this kitty is going to take a nap.

*nuzzling my plushie to sleep*

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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
*Nuzzles Frostie
Take care now, and best wishes to you
7 years, 5 months ago
XD i actually have a "Real men wear pink" shirt...wear it almost every day(wash it then put it back on freash outta the dryer)
XD i like your idea on pissing everyone off...that would be quite a getup dude LOL.
Im sorry you have been away from blaze so long...i know firsthand experiance just how much it hurts being away frome someone ya love....hope things work out for ya that ya never have to say goodbye to him again.
Good luck on finding a job...to coin a phrase from Cheech Marin "Man things are tough all over"
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