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Hire Me As Your Cinematographer spread the word please

For MIDWEST FURFEST and any other convention I attend, I have a lot more things in mind concerning my future of making it on my own.
I will be in the artist alley selling prints, comics, and commissions. I will also be selling myself as a video escort. What I have in mind is this...
$10 for a hour you will have me available to film whatever you like. Whether a little skit, interactions, or just aimless roaming around the convention center and will later be posted on youtube.
For a extra $15 dollars you can have a DVD made and mailed to you in a timely manner (around a week after the con) with each additional DVD being $2.
Since these DVDs will not be commercially sold whatever music you wish to have with it will be fine.

This is ideal for many reasons. If you are only going to be able to suit for a certain period of time. Having a planned event during the con. Want to show how awesome your room party is. A interview, or just to show what a great character you can play.

So to break it down...
$10 for a hour and a raw online video afterwords.
$15 for a edited footage and a mailed DVD.
$2 for every additional DVD. Add $2 for shipping to multiple addresses.  
$10 for a art cover of your request on the DVD and a case (I'll sign that if requested.)  

For Your Information
1. I don't care what or when you want to film if you have something planned let me in on it so I know what I should be doing.
2. You have to pay for everything up front. If you want to change your order (downgrade or upgrade) that's fine, a refund can be made or you can pay me by check, paypal, or alert pay if it's after the convention. However if the work is already completed I cannot issue a refund that would just be waste of my time and effort would be like asking for a refund from a contractor after he painted and built your house.
3. I can take requests now my paypal and alert pay are RottenEggCreations@hotmail.com Message me here or through notes here or my deviantart www.RottenEggCreaitons.deviantart.com
4. Doesn't make a difference if there is 1 or 20 people involved I am YOUR camera man for as long as you paid me for.
5. Work will be completed after the con and in the order I have received them. I do not have the resources at the moment to do everything on the spot. However if I sell enough I will have the resources along with High Definition.
6. It will take me around 2 days to make something out of a hour of footage. Average completion will vary but it will be done in a timely manner I don't screw around when it comes to paid commissions for people.
7. Minimum of one hour of pay please.

If you need examples of what I can do for you here they are.
Any questions?

Well here is the plan.
September - Finish all of Furry Connection North Videos
October - Have a band promotion video done, a Renissance video done, film a wedding, have a Morphicon video and ALL of Anthrocon done, because by...
November - Midwest Furfest whatever I don't have done from AC will be set aside forever.
Because I wish to be able to get things like this done in a timely manner. I know that is what I may have to do much to my dismay and dislike. I am now free of school and so have plenty of time to do these things, however I know I'll end up being months behind for life if I don't re-adjust my work load at that point. I have my own videos in mind along with my planned stories and artwork. I intend to leave my mark on this world and have been well aware in the beginning making furry videos my whole life will grow stale eventually for me and everyone else I know.
December-January - Have A Midwest Furfest video done and have all my orders completed

I'm really hoping this to be a hit so be kind and spread the word please.
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Added: 8 years, 5 months ago
8 years, 5 months ago
This is a really original idea! I hope it goes well for you. :3
8 years, 5 months ago
thanks for that.
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