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Late Night Thoughts

I was making a "TV Dinner" late in the night when I thought about how poor quality these things are, but this one in particular wasn't so bad, so I thought to myself this: leftovers aren't so bad their just annoying to prepare, but they don't taste like this, and that's when I thought "why is it not common practice to prepare food AS microwave dinners?"

In school we'd have pack lunches, and it's common here to prepare leftovers for meals at work, but why do we reach for an awful half-assed prepackaged meal instead of making them ourselves the day before, or at least a meal before, when we are not hungry for later consumption?

This is the age of "gotta have it now" but somehow I at least end up with enough time to cook I just don't want to when I'm really hungry unless I'm cooking for others... Why don't I just cook with intent to store it as a prepackaged meal?

Does anyone out there do this already?  If you so, would you share your thoughts?
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
um well i  have eaten TV Dinners and  was like yuk  :Q   but i got wear i would use  and spice other things to make them taste better  same with any soups i would use   things to make them  better to eat   ,  like tomato soup i would use    a good chip dip in it  and some flavor full crackers  ,, try some  spice  in it , what  meat is in your tv dinner ?

p.s. i love cooking for others  :)   i'll try to help you out ..
7 years, 7 months ago
There is a bunny... in my journal... *SQUEE!*
Meat in the TV Dinner, well, for the one that I enjoyed to eat it was sesame chicken.  Turkey dinners are good too, but... I haven't eaten them in a long time.  Mexican TV dinners just make me wonder if I'll start robbing gas stations next.
7 years, 7 months ago
hehe yup <3 I'm a bunny :)  
sesame chicken is just yummmm i like it with a very little orange  about a tea spoon and some extra sesame seeds very yummy ,
and    Turkey dinners  are ok  but i like a lot of thyme  on it with extra gravy hunts gravy at that is the best on it the corn in some of them put a little bit of sugar in it  that will  make it taste better :)  and same if any carrots are in that dinner ,,
now the Mexican dinners  :/   some of them i stay away from had  bad food poisoning from  2 different dinners i wont touch them  even if you pay me to "eww"      
7 years, 7 months ago
I eaten at some of the best restaurants in America and abroad. And I love a Hungry-Man fried chicken dinner.
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